April 26, 2016

One hundred two days

I am mostly ready for the end of the semester. A couple of final exams, a little stack of grading, but nothing overwhelming. I am very grateful for the foresight I had to be incredibly organized, more so than ever before, because I knew I would want/need it this semester.

I can't tell you how incredible it feels to have lost weight this semester.  It hasn't been easy, and it certainly hasn't been a smooth path from Point A to Point B.

But it's progress, and I think it's the first semester since I moved down here that I haven't gained. I'd start off well, but then get caught up with midterms and get overwhelmed, make bad food choices, fall completely off track, and regain considerably - 10-20 lbs a semester times five previous semesters, it added up very quickly. But this semester, I'm down 25 so far, with one more week to go. I am so, so proud of myself for being able to claim this victory!

I'm trying to stay off the scale until May 15, so I don't get overwhelmed with numbers and focus instead on making good progress to see 299 by that date. I'll weigh myself on the 1st of the month (how I've been measuring overall progress - looking at just the 1st of the month, I've consistently lost all year. Not a ton, but there has been at least a little progress from each month to the next), but other than that, I'm avoiding the scale and putting my energy into making choices consistent with my goals.

Last week was a good challenge for that: I was on a hiring committee for an assistant professor position in my department, and we had candidates visiting the campus. We had to take them out to dinner - so I had two dinners at restaurants. I checked out the menus beforehand and got plain chicken sandwiches at both - a crazy big NSV, since there were so many delicious off-plan things I would usually get (hello, lobster nachos!). I drank only water, and I left both meals feeling very confident and proud that I'd made choices that get me closer to the healthy life I want for myself.

I'm also thinking about what happens next week, once I turn in my grades. I am scheduled to teach a summer class that I'm fairly certain will be canceled due to low enrollment, so even though I'll have plenty of work to do to get ready for fall classes, I'll also have a lot of free time to make weight loss a full-time priority while Noah is at daycare.

It sounds like a lot, but it always goes by quickly. And at the end of the break, I want to feel like I feel now - accomplished, proud of making progress.

I don't want to set a particular weight goal - I just want progress. That said, I do want to set some goals for activity, for food, for water, for sleep ... goals like the ones that have been helping me make progress so far. I'm mulling over what the specifics will be, but I'll have a plan by Sunday, when I make my calendar for May.

What about you? What NSVs have you had lately? What are your summer goals?


Anonymous said...

My son's first birthday is August 21st. My goal is to stick to my plan (which is working...I'm losing and people are noticing), and the reward will be huge. I'll be healthier, I'll feel better, and for my son's first birthday I'll have photos that I won't be ashamed to show off. We also have mommy & me photos in June and because of my progress lately, I'm really looking forward to them and looking forward to getting a new, not baggy, outfit for the photos.

Good work this semester! Keep it up and don't lose sight of the goal! I'm working on the goal right along with you!

Jamie said...

Hello! I've been reading your blog for a few years now. I think you are an excellent writer and I enjoy reading about your journey. Congrats on your current successes. You should be proud!

My weight has yo-yo'd up and down for years but I have been very overweight for a very, very long time. I recently discovered a podcast called Primal Potential. The host, Elizabeth, has so much great information and tools that she offers for free through her podcast and blog. Listening to her has been a game changer for me. She not only talks about food strategies, but about mindset, goal setting, how to maintain motivation, etc. She is just awesome. I can really relate to her and I truly believe, while I don't actually know you, that you will be able to relate to her too. This is the first time I've put something like this into action (I've done a million diets and programs) that made me want to tell everyone I know.

So, I hope you don't mind me leaving this comment. Elizabeth is so full of wisdom and insight, and while she doesn't claim any of it is easy, what she says makes so much sense. I thought her podcast might be something you would really connect with and maybe it would help carry you through these next few months.

Thanks for sharing the way that you do. I find great encouragement from it!


Caron said...

Great, positive post -- so fun and inspiring to read. We're proud of you too. :)

Bluezy said...

I see much has happened as I left to hide and then regain to my regret. I just let it happen and it took 2 years to gain back what I worked so hard to get down to.... As I noticed my blog is all whacked and I looked at the reading list....I clicked now I am gonna click again to find a pick of the kid lol and wow no more Chi-town as well. Great to see you are still at it and there for me to watch! Always you are inspiring.