February 29, 2016

Real life is for March

There's a great episode of "30 Rock" where they celebrate Leap Day, kind of like St. Patrick's Day, mixed with all sorts of odd American holiday habits. There's a Leap Day movie marathon, and everyone keeps quoting a line from the movie: "Real life is for March." Leap Day is an extra day to do what you like, to do something out of the ordinary.

Today, though, I'm trying to stay as ordinary - or at least as on-plan - as possible.

Last October, the President of the University announced we would not be getting raises because student retention goals hadn't been met - a lousy explanation at best, because our classes have never been bigger than they are right now. Then a few months later, the Trustees approved $38 million to expand the size of the football stadium and $400,000 for faculty/staff raises. This was early December; they said we'd find out how much in late February.

So much anticipation! And then ... nothing.

Long story short, I didn't get one. At the University where I am working now, raises are compression-based, which is a frustrating system. And I guess it just wasn't my turn this time around.

I am lucky to have a job, especially full-time - in my field, they're not easy to come by. But with all my current circumstances, I'm living paycheck to paycheck, and I'd hoped for a little something to ease some of the burden (and to help with my resolution of getting my credit card paid off).

So I'm a crabby today, and I'm trying to contain it. There's a box of donuts in the break room - donut holes actually, and there's almost no one here this early. I could eat five, or a dozen, or take the whole box back to my office and no one would know.


But that doesn't get me closer to any of my goals. It doesn't solve any of my problems.

I'm drinking my water, eating my yogurt, and trying to focus on positives. I have a job. I didn't get a raise, but I have enough to pay my bills and keep a roof over our heads and keep my son and I well fed. There isn't extra, but there's enough, and that's all we need. Everything will work out in the end.

February has been such a challenge, and I want to close the door on it tonight with a positive feeling overall!

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Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

yep- focus on what you do have instead of what you don't. "It's all perspective," right?