July 3, 2015

Roses and thorns

There's an incredible power in community, in people coming together with a common interest and not only working together to achieve a goal, but strengthening each other and growing as a result of the shared efforts.

Not gonna lie, I was nervous about my friend Lorelei coming to visit. After two weeks in Connecticut and the setbacks I experienced there, I was very anxious leading up to her arrival - until a phone call a few days before she got here, where we talked about plans for the trip, and one of her requests was we can cook healthy things together, right?

What a relief!

Lorelei is such an important person in my life. We met in grad school in Chicago about six years ago, and we immediately bonded over common interests. The next year, though, really brought us together: the year when I made promises to myself to get healthy, and I saw it through for the first time ever. A great friend is with you through thick and thin, and we have the unique ability to say yes, we have done exactly that. We met at my biggest, she cheered me to my smallest, and she loves me even now, at the various in-betweens.

We didn't set foot once in a gym over the week, but we stayed active - going to a sculpture garden, swimming, walking around the town where I live. And we made mostly good food choices - the first night she was there we had pizza for dinner, and after the sculpture garden we got some cupcakes to share, but besides that, snacks were healthy and meals were home-cooked. I killed it on the water intake, and avoided late-night snacking.

And I lost 4 pounds.

I said last week, some pounds are harder to lose than others. These ... these were easy. Effortless. We enjoyed our days, we had fun, and we didn't go overboard or obsess about food or exercise. And the weight came off.

I'm still up from my weigh-in before the Connecticut trip, but I'm optimistic and feeling motivated to keep up the momentum. Reminiscing a lot with Lorelei over the past week about working out together, about making and setting goals, about finishing races ... it really got me motivated to resume the kind of mindset that helped me be successful in the first place.

Immediately after stepping on the scale and seeing the number 310, the word momentum popped into my mind. I feel great right now - I've got to keep it up, preserve this feeling so I can remember it when I struggle.

My goals for this week are just to sort of keep it all up (and get back in the gym on Monday when it reopens). My overall goals for July, though:

1. Get into the Twos
2. Make four new recipes
3. No binge eating

All very do-able. The binges are under control right now, it's been a very healthy week as far as not eating my emotions (not a small feat, either, since we talked an awful lot about Matt and everything I've avoided confessing about our situation for the last few years). The recipes are a goal to make sure I am keeping things interesting enough to not get in a rut. And the twos ... that's just a little over two pounds a week.

I explained to Lorelei this week about how 299 is almost an even bigger landmark for me than 199. The Twos are a block of one hundred pounds, all of which need to be lost - not a small task at all, but just seeing that number instead of a 3 out front suddenly makes the long-term goal seem attainable. The 290s are almost the 280s, then 270s are when I start to see a change in how I look, just a small leap to the 260s (my size at my first 5K) and the 240s, where I have my 100 pound milestone (and that's when I fit in L shirts instead of XL the first time). The 230s were my first 8K, then 210 is my pre-pregnancy weight. From there, it's so close to onederland, and then ... figuring out my maintenance goal.

It would really require some hardcore commitment and dedication, but I'm going to try my hardest to get as close as possible to 295 this month. July 31, 2010, was the day I started to live healthier, and on July 31, 2011, I was 150 pounds lighter. To weigh in at 295 on July 31, 2015, would be significant: facing a journey very similar to the one I started five years earlier, but with a 50 pound head start.

Tomorrow we're heading to the beach with a friend who has a son close to Noah's age, so that will be fun (and hopefully not too hectic, we aren't going to the big local beach, which is going to be insanely busy, I'm sure). Then Sunday night, our church is having a cook out and fireworks. I'm excited to see how my son reacts to the fireworks, and I'm not nervous at all about the food, which is a good feeling. I'll eat before we go - just because there will be food there doesn't mean I need to eat it.

What about you? How was your week? What are your weekend plans?