May 29, 2015

Roses and thorns

The best thing about this week is that it's over. After our awesome first week, both Noah and I had some challenges this week - emotions were all over the place. I'm proud of myself for not binge eating even in moments when I know, in the past, that would have been so comforting. I ate well, I worked out every day, I drank plenty of water. And ...

... I maintained.

Not going to lie, I was a bit crushed when I saw the scale. I knew I couldn't have lost much - it didn't feel like I had lost anything. But still ... nothing?!

Repeat after me: right now, maintaining is a victory. After the stressful week I had, being able to say I didn't binge is a better feeling than being able to record a loss. Plus, this happens. A huge loss, then no loss, then my body catches up to itself and we carry on. This, thankfully, is not a trigger.

Spur of the moment, I decided to take Noah and drive up to Connecticut to see my family. It's conflicting, because in the past I have struggled a lot with my eating while I was there ... but I was also not in the situation I am currently in. Being there with my ex-husband was triggering. Right now, my only goal is health. And visiting them is something I need - for my mental health.

Some ways to stay on track while I am there: my goal is to keep logging on MyFitnessPal (my mom has a food scale, and my sister cooks very healthy meals for my dad, so I'm feeling confident), and to keep documenting meals and workouts on Instagram.

There isn't a gym for me to use in Connecticut, but I have a car and there are plenty of ways to stay active. There will be room in the trunk of the car for my jogging stroller, which I can take to the beach or to state parks.

My biggest worry about the trip, honestly, is the drive there. I got my license less than a year ago, and the drive involves going through Washington, D.C., the New Jersey Turnpike, and New York City. It's only a 12 hour drive, but my goal is to get through D.C. tomorrow and stay at a hotel in Maryland overnight, then do the second half of the trip on Sunday. I'm completely terrified, but the only way out of the fear is through it.

What about you? What NSVs did you have this week? Have you ever done a long car ride by yourself (or with a toddler!)? Any tips/tricks/advice?

P.S. I heard from a few people that they (a) weren't seeing the posts to the Page for the "Made to Crave" reading group and that (b) it wasn't a private forum so they weren't comfortable posting. So, I created a Private Group instead - no one except people in the group can see posts/activity. I scheduled the Page to self-destruct (my apologies to everyone who had Liked it!), so if anyone is still interested in the discussion group, here is a link to the Group:


Scooter Hussy said...

Have a great trip! I bet it will be great for you I drove 7 hours alone with my 5-week old daughter years ago. Just take your time, pack lots of entertainment for him and healthy snacks for you both. Plan to stop at least for 5 or 10 minutes every few hours.

And congrats on maintaining and not bingeing. I agree that's a bigger victory than a loss on the scale.

Denise said...

Driving through big cities makes my butt clentch. Stay in the right lane and go as slow as you need to. People can (and will) go around you if they see fit. That's how I survived San Diego and Portland.

LovelyDreams said...

Maintaining is a victory. Have fun on your trip!

Losing The Rolls said...

With the week you've had I would say that maintaining is still winning. Stay strong and keep your goals in mind and I have faith you will do well while on your trip.

I didn't have a perfect week, but I did better than I have in a long time. I re-started using MFP last Thursday and have been tracking all week.

When I was 22, I moved to Texas but things didn't work out. I drove a 19ft U-Haul while pulling my car from Texas to Idaho by myself. It was an emotional trip home, but I survived and you will too. Have a good trip and enjoy the comfort of family.


Tiffany said...

Have a good trip