May 19, 2015


Just a short post today.

The first time I lost the weight, I soaked up other people's stories and used them to motivate and inspire myself. I watched a ton of documentaries, read several books, and of course, found a strong blog community for support.

I've heard from a lot of folks that they were interested in the discussion group for "Made to Crave." I've been thinking a lot about it, and I decided to take it maybe a step further, and I created a page on Facebook for a reading group, like an online book club. I've called it a novel idea, and I am really looking forward to the discussions we can have there!

We will start this coming Sunday with "Made to Crave," and we will take a month to read through it a little at a time (I'll post a schedule there soon), and have discussions on the Page.

Unlike "Women, Food, and God," which I think can be appreciated by folks across the spectrum of where they are religiously, "Made to Crave" is definitely very strongly Christian. I understand that's not everyone's faith or interest, so once that book is done, we will have a new book every month from a variety of authors about weight, weight loss, healthy living, self-esteem/self-confidence, and more. (I'm thinking next will be comedian Jim Gaffigan's "Food: A Love Story").

I hope to see many of you there! Any suggestions for future books of the month?


Scooter Hussy said...

Why We Get Fat by Gary Taubes is high on my list of to-read.

Rae said...

Don't have a book club recommendation but thought I'd mention First Place for those whoe are interested. It's a Bible Study related health and nutrition program. It's based on the food pyramid and balance. Emphasis is all on putting Christ first in your life and honoring your body. Many churches have classes and they have a facebook page, etc. I learned all the basics of healthy eating there but didn't implement them until 10 years later.

Anonymous said...

I have both the Made To Crave and Made To Crave Devotional and they are both very good. My all time Christian weight loss book is Spirit Led Eating By Len Fredrickson. Sadly it's no longer in print but it's the absolutely best book if you can get a hold of a out of print copy. I would never lend it to anyone as I would be so upset if I never got it back.

LovelyDreams said...

I'd love to join in once you're on the next book. :)

Unknown said...

The happiness project :)

I will join in when I have more time !