March 1, 2014


I rarely disappear from the blog for so long on purpose. The past two weeks or so have been intensely full of work-related stress, and it should continue through the next two weeks - we are at the midterm point already, so I have been giving and grading written and oral exams. That on top of committee meetings and meetings with my department chair to discuss potential projects, plus the approval of a half semester course to cover a course that was dropped due to low enrollment (and now needs full enrollment of its own to make sure it doesn't get canceled as well, bringing me back to square one) ... I  wish I could say I couldn't wait for spring break, but even that will be full of work,  preparing lessons and homework for the half semester course that might not even be used if I don't have enough students sign up and it gets canceled.

Looking for gratitude in little places, I could not be more thankful for the fact that Noah sleeps through the night. It's a little thing, but it's one less thing that I have to worry about - and one less thing that impedes a decent night's sleep.

My eating for the past week has been terrible. I've had no desire to cook and even less desire to eat healthy foods. My weight is up a couple of pounds from the end of the Whole 30, though I'm honestly surprised it isn't up more, considering how much sugar/grains I've consumed in the past week.

The rash on my fingers is back, and so are the chapped lips. After reading that chronic chapped lips are a symptom of prediabetes, I got scared.

So far, I have been lucky. At 345 pounds, I wasn't prediabetic. I lost 155 pounds and things looked like they were in the clear. I regained a considerable amount of weight during my pregnancy, but again, miraculously, did not have issues with gestational diabetes.

If you play with fire, you will eventually get burned.

I had a talk with Matt the other day about what a positive next step would be for me in terms of trying to reclaim my health. I enjoyed the results of the Whole 30, and how it felt initially, and so for April I am going to attempt another one. For March, I asked Matt to start picking me up from work at 5 p.m. instead of 3 p.m. - there is a gym on campus, much like the one that I used when I lost the weight the first time. Building exercise time into my schedule is going to be tough - it takes time away from being with Noah and Matt. But if I want to be there for them long-term, I need to invest a little bit of time each day right now.

My goal for March is 25 workouts. As far as eating, I don't know what my plan will be, I am still mulling it over. Part of me thinks I should go back to Chobani for breakfast and Lean Cuisines for lunch, if only because it is easier to count calories and control my intake. I don't like that my weight loss is so contingent upon pre-packaged foods, but I know that something I struggled with during (and before, and after) the Whole 30 was portion control. Eating NSNG is a goal I would like to have for myself in maintenance, but right now, with a significant amount of weeks left to lose, I know that it is a big challenge for me.

So, I'm still figuring things out. I have big plans for March, and I truly feel like going to the gym at a scheduled time every day will help - not only with my weight loss, but with my stress and energy levels. Of all the things I did to lose the weight the first time, exercise has been the hardest to make time for again. I am inconsistent with healthy food choices, but they're at least a little easier to make time for, with the crock pot and all. I can have Matt cook, but I'm the only one who can exercise for me.

What about you? How was your February? What are your plans to do well for yourself in March?