September 13, 2014

Whole 30: Day 13

I finally got my appetite back a few days ago, and it was hard to avoid eating back three days of skipped meals. I had a big snack (banana with almond butter) and that helped me stay in control.

Our anniversary was a few days ago, and it was a really interesting day. I made a Chicago-themed dinner for Matt and Noah, and for myself...

Delicious. Since I couldn't have it with butter, I had the lobster meat with a little homemade mayo - I make it with lots of garlic and dill, so it tasted wonderfully decadent. I also had a few shrimp. I know there's a ton of sodium in shrimp and lobster, but I figured, it's one day, and on other days it's much lower than when I wasn't doing the Whole 30.

Matt got me flowers - three dozen roses.

In our last move, someone accidentally threw out my two dried bouquets - red roses from our engagement, yellow roses from our wedding. So he got me two new bunches, plus a dozen light pink ones with dark pink edges for our first anniversary.

For him, I got a glass jar, which I filled with ideas for dates.

The first anniversary is the paper anniversary, so this seemed appropriate.

We also had a very long, emotional talk about our relationship and what we both want to happen in our second year of marriage.

I've talked a lot about how my weight loss wasn't successful in my first year in South Carolina because I didn't make it a priority, I was so busy adjusting to my new job, our new state, a new baby. Just like we didn't make our self-care a priority, we also didn't make our relationship much of a priority. In the whole first year of our marriage, we went out on two dates.

We agreed to try and find a therapist we can both speak with together, and we agreed to try and take care of ourselves as a couple. We've been better lately about eating better and going to the gym regularly - we need to nurture our relationship the same way.


Rae said...

Congratulations! The first year is tough under any circumstances. So kudos to you both for talking about the good and the bad. Communication is so important. Seems silly to schedule date nights but I found that it so important to keep growing together. I really love to follow your blog, it's very motivating and inspiring. I'm an emotional eater and as I lost weight I found that I could only focus on that and excersise. The excersise has become a huge stress reliever and yoga too. I am finally feeling like I focus more on church than I did. One year and 3 months in maintenance. Seems so silly that I could figure out how to do both. I know God had a lot to tell me in that time that I missed. I also know the God is THE only reason I was able to be dedicated enough to make the lifestyle changes that I did. 89 pounds lost. I am now a runner, practice yoga and have added circuit training. I've also gone back to church me bible study and feel I'm moving fwd as a whole person with the grace of God. ... Sorry this seems to have gotten windy. I just wanted to say congratulations and you can do this!!!

timothy said...

knowing the problem is half the battle once you're aware it gets easier! hang in there darling and here's to a great year two!

PJ Geek said...

Wonderful! to all of the above.

Unknown said...

I'm 100% stealing the date jar idea for my boyfriend's birthday next month. Good job sticking with the Whole 30!

LovelyDreams said...

I'm glad you're starting therapy. It has been priceless for me.

Running Meg said...

Happy anniversary! The first year, especially one filled with so much change, can be rough. Recognizing that and talking it out is a huge step!