February 13, 2014

Whole 30: Days 22-24

We've been plugging along here, not much new on the day-to-day to report.

Our meals have been good, though I entirely slacked on taking pictures of them - like the other day when I made pecan crusted trout. I took a few fillets, dipped them in a mixture of egg and thyme, then put pecans in the food processor until they were coarsely ground and used them instead of breadcrumbs. Baked it for 18 minutes at 375 degrees and they came out so well!

Tonight we had a pot roast done in the crockpot. We figured that even though beef is expensive, we had two mostly free meals this week from our friend who gave us the fish so we splurged on the roast. I found a recipe on Pinterest that was simply the roast covered in a jar of compliant green salsa. It had good flavor but was overcooked - the recipe said 5-6 hours on high, and next time I'd try 4-5, or the longer time but on low. It wasn't too bad, not super dry, but it could definitely be better.

Yesterday Noah had his 9 month checkup first thing in the morning, and after we went to The Fresh Market to get unsweetened coconut for a recipe we are going to try for Valentine's Day, coconut chicken with mango dipping sauce. I was halfway to the checkout when Matt texted me and said that the university where I work had just posted that classes were going to be canceled that day due to bad weather. Unbelievable! It was cold and rainy but not nearly as bad as in some other parts of the state. The worst was the ice, but even that wasn't too bad on the roads, more on the trees, causing lots of branches to fall.

Frustrating as an instructor, especially when I was supposed to teach a major grammar point to one of my classes. But at least it was nice to hang out with Noah during the day, read him lots of books, and snuggle. Matt's mom is a preschool teacher and asked for pictures of Noah with a rainbow of fruits for a project, so we took those pictures. Noah kept eating all the blueberries, it was too funny. He is a really good eater, not picky at all. We are very lucky so far.

This morning I was running late for work and made the mistake of skipping breakfast - last time this happened, I grabbed a Larabar and found myself hungry fairly soon after, so today I decided that logically, if a Larabar is sugary (albeit natural sugar) and makes me hungry in a few hours, I might as well skip it and just wait until lunch and spare my body the sugar. By the time lunch came, I was starving, and because I hadn't eaten since last night's lunch, I was hungry by the time I had to teach my afternoon class. As soon as I got home, I made myself an afternoon snack of eggs over-medium, which I should have eaten eight hours earlier for breakfast. Lesson learned.

After dinner, we went to a race expo at a nearby convention center - the city where we live is holding a marathon this weekend, so we went to check it out and see what kind of upcoming local races were being advertised there. I'll write more on that tomorrow.

I can't believe we're as close as we are to the end of the thirty days. Matt is going to do the reintegration phase from the book to add dairy back in to his meal plan (he really misses his morning Chobani).

Not me, though.

I plan on avoiding dairy, as well as sugar and grains, for as long as I can. I just don't feel like it's really worked yet. I haven't had the revelation people keep talking about. I feel good, but not great. I know it's not a weight loss program, but rather a healthy eating one, but still, I don't feel like I've lost any weight. I'm keeping portions reasonable and trying not to snack unless I am truly hungry. I don't know, we will see. I know that avoiding my trigger foods is smart for me long-term, but at the same time, I don't want this to turn into another way of punishing myself for being overweight. I've had disordered thoughts while on the program - you can't have these things because you don't deserve them, you have to be thin before you can eat what you really want, once you weigh X you will finally have earned the ability to eat yourself sick on these foods because at that point it won't affect you as badly as it does at this weight.

Sometimes - eh, to be honest, always - I wish that food was just food, and that managing my eating and my weight was as easy for me as it is for some people. I don't know if it ever will be.


Caron said...

After almost 11 years of maintenance, I can say that, for me, it isn't always easy. You know how sometimes when you're losing weight and in the right frame of mind, it all goes smoothly? And then, out of the blue, something goes wrong and it isn't easy again? Well, maintenance is like that too.

I'm not trying to discourage you and I think you are doing a great job. Just know that people like us will always have to fight the battle. Also know, that it is worth it.

Running Meg said...

Do you follow Michelle from Diary of an Aspiring Loser? She tried the Whole 30 plan after she hit her goal weight. Read some of her posts if you haven't already. She really makes good points regarding certain foods one isn't allowed to have on the Whole 30.

I hope you find a happy balance!