January 20, 2014

Whole 30: Days 13-15

The weekend got hectic and I couldn't post anymore ... we were so tired, we crashed hard every night. Lots of running around and getting things ready, seeing folks, and then the party itself ... no fewer than 125 people! We just got home a few hours ago, made our menu, went grocery shopping, and cooked dinner (lemon pepper chicken with cauliflower mash).

Our eating was on point for the entire weekend. I couldn't feel better about my choices - total NSV, to go on a trip and be so mindful of our eating. As anticipated, we went out for pretty much every meal - but luckily, Matt's mom was incredibly supportive and asked us for advice and opinions on places with compliant meal options. Probably the first time ever that I've gone to Olive Garden and didn't order pasta - not to mention complete avoidance of the breadstick basket!

We will weigh ourselves in the morning and see how we did. Even if it's a gain, I know we did everything we could. We stayed as on plan as possible, asking for allergy menus and ingredient lists everywhere we went.

Dairy was easy enough to avoid, and grains were too. It's just amazing, though, how many things have soy in them.

So we talked about it, and we are going to restart our Whole 30 day count. Matt finished reading " It Starts With Food," and the plan requires 100% compliance to be fully effective. It's not just about weight loss, it's about flushing your body of the junk that is in processed food.

We plan on continuing anyway beyond the thirty days, so why not?

Tomorrow is a Day 1 again, and I'm feeling proud. The new Day 1 isn't a defeat. I'm actually super proud of Matt - he stayed compliant alongside me, agreed that we would reset the count when we got back, and *still* stayed on plan. We didn't use it as an excuse. Avoided all the temptations. It was an excellent weekend, food-wise and company-wise and event-wise.


Sarah said...

Wow. That's really awesome!

Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

I am so impressed with your determination!

Running Meg said...

THAT IS AWESOME! I'm impressed! Especially the part about avoiding the bread basket. Go you!

Amy said...

That's awesome!! Did Matt enjoy the book as anticipated?
Curious - are you guys going to not weigh yourself this time around since you know it's working?

Matt said...

Amy - I enjoyed the book immensely. Learned a lot and it really got me inspired to take it seriously. I took notes throughout it and am giving them to friends and family who could use it.