January 22, 2014

Whole 30: Day 2

Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays are good days this semester - I don't start until later in the day, so I get to spend the morning with my family. I am thinking that it may be a good idea to use that time wisely and go to the gym before work. I've never been good at morning workouts - I have just always preferred to go at night. That way, if I get hungry, it's the middle of the night, and I can wake up and have a good breakfast.

Today's breakfast was egg muffins - I seriously love how quick they are to come together, and they're delicious! I sautéed mushrooms and onions with a little sage and black pepper, and then cooked up some ground beef. That all went in the bottom, then some egg. They were SO good! I have quite a bit of the meat and veggie mixture left, I'll be making more muffins tonight for tomorrow's breakfast (Tuesdays and Thursdays are earlier days).

Lunch was more of the pulled pork with pineapple - even better after it sits a bit! Dinner will be apricot chicken in the crockpot - Matt's dad is in South Carolina for a business trip, so he will be driving a few hours to spend some time with us. I hadn't planned on three for dinner, but it won't be bad - I'll make a bunch of veggies to fill everyone up and stretch the meal further.

I wanted to share our tactics for on-plan dining out while we were out of town. We tried to stick to chain restaurants since they would have all their nutrition information online. Most had calories, fat, sodium, etc., listed, but not many things like the actual ingredients. Once you are at a restaurant, though, many have an allergen menu available for anyone who asks to see it.

Here is the one from T. G. I. Friday's:

Crazy, right? Why does a black bean burger have the shellfish symbol?! There were only three items on the entire menu that were compliant: steamed broccoli, mixed fruit, and mandarin oranges. So we picked other items and figured we would do whatever we could to make them compliant. For example, Matt got a steak, which says it has dairy and soy. When he went to order, he asked how it was cooked - the dairy is a pat of herbed butter they put on top. So he asked to skip that, and to have broccoli instead of mashed potatoes. Easy enough, right?

I got a salad:

I opted for the grilled chicken Cobb salad, as it seemed the most compliant, and asked for no cheese. There was bacon in it, which I am sure was not sugar free, but since everything had soy anyway, we had already talked about restarting the Whole 30, and I figured that wasn't going to be too bad. For dressing, I got avocado vinaigrette, and only used maybe a teaspoon of it - there was enough "stuff" in the salad (grilled chicken, hard boiled eggs, avocado) that it didn't need much else.

Also, Noah ate all the avocado out of the salad. I was looking forward to that! But he loves avocado, and he's insanely cute, so I let him have it.

Another place we went was Olive Garden. They have a really extensive gluten free selection, surprisingly (probably to reach out to folks who would otherwise avoid a place known best for pasta and breadsticks). Sorry for the low quality picture - they keep it dark in there!

Matt ordered chicken medallions with asparagus, and asked for double asparagus instead of mashed potatoes. I got grilled salmon with broccoli. It was pretty good!

So, eating out is tough, but do-able. I remember the first Christmas when I was first losing the weight, how I prepared beforehand for dealing with going out to eat with my family. I looked up nutritional info for all of the restaurants I know they typically go to, and found my best options for low calorie/high satiety choices. I also took sodium into account, that's always insanely high with restaurant meals!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your tips! I'll have to remember to look up nutrition for places before we go. And then just try and mitigate it the best I can with healthier choices when we aren't at the restaurant.

I love having late start days and I've been working recently to try and be a morning gym person. There is something nice about how quiet the gym is in the morning, but it's also easier to justify not going because I don't want to get out of bed. Still, the more I do it, the more I realize that I crave that gym time in the mornings now.

Rusti said...

Thanks for sharing you journey on Whole 30. It is something I have wanted to try...still haven't taken the plunge..i love dairy! :(
Good luck!