January 7, 2014

Whole 30: Day 2

Our second day went well, and I think we're both feeling pretty strong. Matt says that he feels better than yesterday, as the symptoms of caffeine withdrawal seem to have subsided. His main complaint is that he is hungry, which I suppose is to be expected after eating junk food non-stop for three weeks. I gained more than twice the weight he did while we were in Connecticut; I'm surprised I don't feel worse, or at least hungrier. So far I feel surprisingly satisfied, which I think is due to the fact that our meals are so protein heavy.

Today's breakfast was eggs - scrambled for Matt, over-hard for me - plus some mini homemade turkey patties I made using lean ground turkey and sage. I've made them before as burger-sized patties and had chopped apple in there as well, and I think next time I will do that too - it adds another aspect of flavor that's really quite wonderful.

After breakfast I sent Matt the grocery store - yesterday, to avoid being tempted by noncompliant foods, we had entirely avoided the dairy section when doing our big weekly shop ... and unfortunately forgot to swing by and grab the small whole milk yogurts that we sometimes mix in with Noah's breakfasts. He got some, and was pleased to report when he returned home that he had not been tempted at all to sneak a treat while shopping alone!

Lunch was simple - a little piece of tilapia and salad. I whipped up a batch of homemade mayo using a recipe I found on Pinterest and used that as a base for a homemade salad dressing, along with some spices. The dressing recipe needs some tweaking but overall it was pretty good, and the mayo came together very quickly with the use of my stick blender.

In the afternoon, I started to have a little bit of tummy trouble - something that always happens when I switch back from off-plan eating to a healthier diet. Other than that, though, so far we aren't feeling sick.

Dinner was another Pinterest recipe - this time, apricot chicken made in the slow cooker. I made a few substitutions - for example, instead of using canned diced tomatoes, I bought fresh tomatoes and diced them myself. This, I figured, would help reduce sodium and avoid preservatives or artificial ingredients. In all honesty, next time I would probably skip the tomatoes entirely - the flavor and acidity ended up overpowering the dried apricots to the point where we could hardly taste the fruit. The chicken, though, was very moist and flavorful and pulled apart easily, so I think that with some modifications, we will be making this recipe again.

As we started the Whole 30, I've been trying to make a few other changes. First, I'm trying to get back into the habit of taking a daily multivitamin. I am also being more diligent about properly cleaning my teeth. I am very ashamed to admit that this is a problem, but I find that depression and poor oral hygiene go hand-in-hand. These little healthy habits seem minor but I know that they're big steps for me toward the routines I've known to be successful in the past.

And speaking of the past, the other day while driving back from Connecticut, Matt and I were listening to a podcast interview, I believe with Larry King, and either he or the host made reference to a quote attributed to Mark Twain:
History doesn't repeat itself, but it does rhyme.
It's stuck with me ever since I heard it. I find it to be true, particularly in the scope of my weight loss journey. I've been trying so hard to replicate the ideal conditions I had in fall 2010 when I was first successful at all this, even though seeking them is entirely futile ... 3 1/2 years later I'm in an entirely different place and an entirely different situation. My goal, then, should not be to repeat exactly what I did to earn my past successes, but rather, to emulate my previous efforts and modify them given my current circumstances. I worked alone the first time, but now I have two sidekicks, both of whom are willing to help and want to see me succeed ... even if for one of them, cheering me on simply means smiling while I pushing him in the running stroller.

I will never be in a situation again like the one I was in my first lost the weight, but that doesn't mean I can't see the same results - it simply means I need to find a different route to my goal.


Losing The Rolls said...

It sounds like Day 2 was a big success. Way to go Mary. I tried to do the Whole 30 early last year, but didn't complete. It's just an excuse, but it was difficult to do when my husband was not eating the same way. Best wishes for a great year.

Unknown said...

Sounds like you're on the right track keep it up!! One small piece of easy advice - keep a basket of those floss picks either by a chair you sit in a lot or by the bed if you read in bed. That way you can grab one to use while you're sitting there. Since I started this I floss every night while I read :) The picks are a lot easier to use than regular floss and even if you don't brush a good floss does wonders for your teeth. Again, great job!

Anonymous said...

Those turkey patties look amazing, as does your breakfast. I'm just trying to get in to eating breakfasts again, and I've definitely noticed that the typical bowl of oatmeal is not working for me. I'll finish off this pack but then may head the route of eggs and a lean meat.

I really like that quote and the conclusion that you drew from it. I think I'm guilty of that too, this wanting to have things be exactly the way they were before. I'll have to keep this in mind.


Unknown said...

Great post Mary! I love what you said about history--that's something I've certainly had a hard time dealing with this time around. You're doing great! I'm sure in lots of ways this time around will be even better!

Running Meg said...

Go you! A successful Day 2 is awesome!

Amy said...

I also suffered from being super hungry in the beginning. Try a sweet potato hash with breakfast or something.

Things got easier for me when I really bulked up on the veggies - they say 2-3 cups per meal. One of my favourites was making a stirfry in the morning of peppers, shredded zuchinni and onions and then eating them with hard eggs overtop.

I watched this Ted talk yesterday, it's about talking different approaches and being open to your goals. For me it always was about getting back to my weight I got down to in high school, but with time... at my highest weight in high school I don't look ANYTHING like that. I am four sizes smaller. My body is different. My goal really shifted over time to being as healthy as possible - mind, body, spirit. There is obviously an element of weight loss for that, but I find when I lose focus of the health and focus solely on the weight on the scale... I lose sight of everything that really matters health wise. I think unhealthy and I obsess over my body.

Are you guys following the no scale rule? If you are - I HIGHLY recommend taking measurements now if you haven't already. I only lost 4lbs, but lost 11 inches.

Jessica said...

How much sage do you add to the ground turkey? Do you add anything else? :)

timothy said...

I agree you cant repeat your success I too have tried for 8 years to get that "groove" again where I lost my 80 pounds and it just hasn't clicked. I think what you're doin is definitely a good thing. I actually bought that book for 2013s resolution and sadly admit I have NOT read it so mayhaps i'll use you as inspiration to try it out! sending positive vibes your way , you can do this!