January 15, 2014

Whole 30: Day 10

We're a third of the way through all this, and so far, it's been mostly easy. Today, though, is Wednesday, and even if we weren't doing the Whole 30, today would be tough.

On Wednesdays, Matt goes out at night. It's trivia night at a small town bar with his local friends. We have dinner, he kisses Noah and me goodnight, and he heads out around 6:30. Noah falls asleep by 7, 7:30. And then it is just me. And I snack out of boredom, stress, frustration. Without fail, I overdo it.

And then there's this weekend. This will be tough, too. Flying with Noah for the first time - and he's teething. Needing to work on projects for work while away. And the food.

The food.

This is going to be a test, for sure.

Tonight, I'm anxious. It's the most difficult day of the Whole 30 so far, hands down. I want to eat, but I'm not even the least bit hungry. I'm nervous and stressed, and I want to soothe it with the repetitive motion of chewing.

I won't.

I'll write this, pack my and Noah's bags, and then head to bed. But the urge to eat despite not being hungry is still strong.

Other than tonight, today was good. Spinach and bacon egg muffins for breakfast, leftover lemon pepper chicken with cauliflower for lunch, and an avocado burger and sweet potato for dinner. Apple and half a Larabar for snacks. Great on water, took the stairs at work, made some exciting purchases that I'll discuss in a future blog post. It's been a really good day.

Now, to end it that way.


CarolineCalcote said...

You are doing great Mary! Have you tried Kombucha? When I was doing my whole30, and sometimes now, when I feel like I just really really need something at night, I will have a half a bottle (one serving) of kombucha. It's vaguely sweet, and I love them although they are kind of different and may take a while to develop a taste for. Lots of good probiotics, and they are OK on the whole30 (just make sure no added sugar...you can look it up on the whole9 site). To me it's like a "legal" cocktail. Way to be strong!

Running Meg said...

Oh I know how you feel. Hubs has hockey on Friday nights and I tend to have a snack free for all. YOU GOT THIS!!!

That Loud Redhead said...

It's hard, but I have faith in you!!

Unknown said...

I just cannot tell you enough how I relate to your words! Thank you for your posts and your blog!

Heather said...

These kinds of days were the most useful part of the whole30 for me - examining how much of my eating was habit-based instead of hunger-based. It was pretty revealing and quite helpful to have rules to live by for 30 days that shook up my habits and forced me from my complacency. You're doing great!