September 20, 2013

Roses and thorns

I'm down another two pounds this week, to 255. It's a good feeling, to be on a bit of a roll. The weight loss is entirely food based - just making better choices more consistently. I still need to add exercise back in - besides some occasional walking (and really, that's minimal), the weight loss is entirely dietary. And in a way, I think that's good. It's good to feel hungry again. It's good to feel properly fueled and not bloated by unhealthy choices.

I need to get active again - for my mental health as well as my physical health - but at the moment, it's still good feeling in control. It's forward motion in a positive direction. I know that when I was pregnant with Noah, I gained a lot of weight, but stayed healthy (great blood pressure, no diabetes) due to many good choices, as well as the fact that when I got pregnant, I was in the best shape of my adult life. When it comes time for Baby #2, I want to make sure I'm in excellent health again.

255 is a significant number. It means that I'm down 30 pounds from the day I went to the hospital to deliver Noah, and that I'm 45 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight. It's still a lot to lose, but since this week, Noah is exactly 4.5 months old, it's making the "nine months on, nine months off" idea seem pretty feasible. Even if I don't get exactly there, I know I can get pretty close. It doesn't feel so impossible anymore.

It's also an even decade for me - 90 pounds down from my highest recorded weight from July 2010, so only 10 more to go until I can reclaim my 100 pound loss. I'm ready to own that again!

Finally, it's important because my long-term goal is to be around 155 - so, at 255, that means I have 100 pounds left to lose. The last pound in the triple-digits-left-to-lose.

It's not so scary right now. I'm in a streak of motivation - which makes sense. When I feel good, I want to keep feeling good. The nightly salads are helping me feel fuller and more satisfied, even though they haven't been very creative - I think all week I just did eggs over salad. I'll try and get more diverse next few days (I guess I have to, actually ... we're out of eggs). I've pretty much eliminated my after-dinner snacking. I've been doing well with water, but then again, that really hasn't been a problem since Noah was born - nursing him makes me so thirsty!

Tomorrow, we're going to be busy: Matt has a race in the morning, then we're going to stay home for a few hours so I can try and pump off a few bottles of milk for when I work next week. Then, in the evening, a few friends of ours down here are having a party. My goal is to have a good time, socialize with other adults (most nights, I just want to snuggle the baby I missed so much all day, then eat dinner and go to bed), and stay in control of my eating. I'll probably eat beforehand, and then just stick to water. No sweet treats - I know that would derail me, for sure. Some days are better than others; I just know that right now, that's not a great idea.

I'm scheduled for a 5K in a month and I haven't ran in about a year. I finally got my first paycheck last week, so I think this week I might get some new running shoes since my old ones have holes worn through them. I'll either order them or convince Matt to stop playing GTA5 for an hour or so and take me to the outlet mall. If I run-walk - or even just walk - it, I still want to do the race!

What about you? How was your week? What kind of running shoes do you have? I have always bought New Balances, only because the first race packet I ever picked up was at a New Balance store so I had a coupon; after I tried a pair, I loved them, and picked the same exact shoe when they needed to be replaced. I'm just curious what folks think, especially people who do varied kinds of terrain when they run. My runs around here will be almost exclusively pavement or treadmill, but there are a ton of races on the beach or in the woods.

September 17, 2013


We're midway through our month of salads and I'm feeling pretty good. Other than our wedding night (and Kol Nidre when we went to the shul straight after work and got home pretty late - had a handful of peanuts and a Chobani and passed out for the night), I've had a salad every single day for either lunch or dinner. Some have, of course, been better than others, but all in all, I've enjoyed them, and and I'm liking how I feel - lighter, less bloated. It's a good feeling.

A few of my salads:

First, a not-so-great one, though delicious in theory. This was a premade salad kit: cherry, almond, blue cheese, and spinach. Super disappointing for how many calories were in it!

I made something similar myself, and after using my own lighter vinaigrette, reduced sugar Craisins, and no nuts, I was able to have a much bulkier salad for the same number of calories. And with chicken!

Some salads have been pretty simple, but there's nothing wrong with that! Sometimes simple is good. This one is a good once-in-a-while salad: romaine with imitation crab meat. I like it but it's high in sodium so I don't buy it often.

This was a quick and easy lunchtime staple when I was living in California: mixed greens with a Lean Cuisine dumped over the top. No need for dressing or anything else, the sauce makes it saucy enough! This is a Weight Watchers one, pasta with ricotta and spinach. Looks gross, but tastes pretty good!

A giant fast food billboard inspired this one: a healthier take on a Big Mac. Ground turkey, shredded cheese, light thousand island dressing, and sliced cucumber (instead of pickles for less sodium and more crunch!).

Not gonna lie, I've had three or four salads that look like this. It's simple but delicious: just whatever greens (usually spinach or romaine) topped with a few over easy eggs. The eggs are hot and drippy, you don't need much dressing. I do mine on the side and dip the fork for this one - mixed ranch with buffalo wing sauce to give it a kick. In a few salads, I've chopped up a cold baked potato and added that. With the eggs, it's a great combination. In this particular one, though, I forewent the potato for avocado - I was craving it! So good with eggs.

We still have a few more weeks to go, so I'm looking for ideas. Most of my salads tend to be simple, as I'm sure you can tell - tonight's, which I forgot to take a picture of, was romaine topped with a piece of honey chipotle salmon.

What about you? Any ideas? What are your go-to salad toppings?