September 6, 2013

Roses and thorns

I wanted to post all week, but it's been insanely hectic. Between family events, religious events, and general overwhelmed-ness from work and life, I've been forced to take a break this week.

  • My mom had a stroke. She's home now, doing a little better. But still having trouble walking unassisted, and when we called her last night, she got a little disoriented. Very worrisome.
  • My sister and her fiancĂ© found out they are expecting a baby - so Noah is going to have a little cousin next spring!
  • Wednesday afternoon we went to the DMV, and I took the beginner's permit test. I passed, so now I have 180 days before I can try for a license. The woman at the DMV asked if I was a first-time driver, and I explained that yes, I was, because in Chicago I had public transit but here you need a car. She laughed and said yes, "unless you have a horse." Not kidding.
  • Wednesday was also the first night of Rosh Hashanah, so we went to a local shul for services. Very different from our Chicago synagogue experience, but still a good evening.
  • All 100+ students of mine have an exam next week, so this week has seen them in my office a lot, as well as sending tons of questions in e-mails. Plus all the lesson planning and grading ... it's exhausting, for sure. But I always always always love my job and am grateful for the ability to go to work and teach every day.
  • I had a lot of trouble pumping milk for Noah last weekend, and we had to drive 60+ miles to the closest Target store that carried a part we needed for the pump. Between that day, an accidentally spilled bottle, and a bottle brought to the services on Wednesday, we came up short in our milk supply, and Matt brought Noah to work today for me to nurse between classes. I'm stressing a lot about getting the freezer stocked this weekend, and I'm dreading the idea that we're probably going to have to put him on formula this next week.

So, yeah. A lot on my plate.

As far as eating, Matt and I decided that for all of September, we're going to eat a salad every day. So every night, I've been having salads for dinner. The weight is slowly but surely coming off (down 2 pounds from last week) and I'm feeling lighter. I'm still in well-worn territory, though. Getting under 255 will be a milestone, I've been bouncing around between 256-260 for too long. I'm hoping this is the trick to help jumpstart my motivation. I've been taking pictures of every salad - I'll share some in a post next week.

I'll finally get my first paycheck on the 15th, and money is going to be tight for a while. Supporting one person on this salary would be great, even two would be okay. But a whole family, with a new car and student loans and a baby who needs diapers ... we're not going to have too much wiggle room for a while. Still, I'm thinking about what to get myself as a small reward after a year of exhausting applications and tears shed over failed interviews, all on top of being pregnant, then the mother of a newborn, then relocating 1000 miles away with an infant. When I moved to California, I got myself a Garmin, but since I don't have a computer anymore, that's pretty much useless. (Plus, I'm not really running much [or at all] these days, and when I do, it'll be on the treadmill.) This time, I'm thinking a pedometer. I might want a Fitbit down the line, but I just don't think that's in the budget right now. I just want to track steps, try and do 10K a day like I did in October 2010. It's a fun challenge.

What about you? How was your week? Any fun weekend plans?