January 27, 2013

Checking in, and checking out

First, I want to thank everyone for their thoughtful and meaningful comments on my last post. It was very, very difficult to write, and sharing my experiences with depression are always tough, but I never fail to find a deep comfort in the fact that so many people understand where I'm coming from, many even on a personal level.

I'd also like to thank the many people who e-mailed me, both in response and to check up on me after I went for a while without posting anything. The silence was not depression-related at all but rather, it appears that something is broken in my computer (I'm guessing a fan because it smells like burning and then shuts itself off after a few minutes ... not good at all!) and I will need to wait until we get back from the East Coast to get it checked out.

The East Coast. *sigh*

We're leaving today. And I have never been more ready in my life.

Matt's very excited to see New York City (where he hasn't been in years) and Boston (where I don't think he's ever visited), but as for me, I'm most looking forward to seeing my parents and my siblings. I haven't seen my family at all since I found out I was pregnant, and now, a week away from the third trimester, I need them more than ever. While I absolutely acknowledge that I need professional therapy or counseling to address my disordered eating and my prenatal depression, I also know that the benefit I will receive from being able to sit and talk and just enjoy being with my family will be invaluable.

I'm not sure if I'll be able to update between now and our return (a week and a half). I'll try to, but I make no promises. The one thing of which I can assure you: I'm doing much better, and this trip should be another big boost of positivity to get me through the next few months of pregnancy and the transition to motherhood.

And again, and always: I can't thank you enough. For listening, for offering your love and support, for understanding and helping me keep my head above water.