November 22, 2013

Roses and thorns

Unlike any school I've ever attended or taught at, this university gives a full week off for Thanksgiving break. I'm thankful for a lot of things this year, and this is definitely one of them. After what has felt like going non-stop since Noah was born, I'm ready for a few days of rest.

And I hope they are restful.

I'm nervous about going to Florida and staying with Matt's grandparents - it's not that they are strangers, I have met them before. But they are very health-conscious and I am worried that my extreme tendencies will kick in. I'll either deprive myself all week to fit in, or try and binge in private so they don't realize I have problems with food.

I wish I could have talked to my therapist this week, but we broke up. Well, I dumped her. After she was at least 5 minutes late to every single session (this time for more than 15 minutes), then went over time every session as well, I finally had enough and called, got her voicemail, and said thank you for all her help but I would not be returning to her practice. I finally heard back from her nearly an hour later, saying she was sorry and let's try again. Honestly, though, it wasn't the most comfortable environment, and so the search begins again for a new therapist.

That was Tuesday. The next day was my birthday. I have been anxious about that for a while, mainly stressing over what we would do for a birthday dinner. We ended up going out to sushi for lunch (I figured, smaller portions would be better) and then made dinner at home. Birthday cake was replaced with frozen yogurt. I thought it was a good day food-wise, but the next day I was up two pounds. I had maintained all week, then that, and today I'm still there: 251. I hate being back in the 250s but I know it's temporary. Looking at my last few weeks of weigh-ins, they all look like this. Big loss, small regain. Down 3, up 1 ... down 5, up 2. I don't like the regain, but I'm glad it goes back down again. It shows how I'm determined to get back to my healthiest self. I don't give up, even when the going gets tough.

Today I am doing oral interviews with my students for their final exam. A busy teaching day, but not a hard one. Then, Matt, Noah, and I will head to the store to get some last minute road trip needs - diapers, bottled water, toiletries - then it's home to pack. Matt will go for a run while I pack, then I will hit the gym while he makes sure the trash is taken out and the dishes are done. I ate within my calories yesterday but was exhausted and didn't work out - if I had, I know the scale would've been back down this morning. A good workout will help me feel better and get me in a good mood for the next week.

I don't know if I will have constant Internet access (I'm almost hoping I don't, so I can unplug a bit!) but I hope to blog at least once while we are gone. Matt's mom, grandmother, and brothers got me an iPad for my birthday, so I can at least draft posts. There is a Blogger app - I downloaded it but haven't tried it yet, hope it works!

What about you? How was your week? What are your Thanksgiving plans? Anyone have a review of the Blogger app for iPad?


Amy said...

Happy Birthday!!

I hope that you have a great trip to Florida and really unwind and relax!!

I have been doing a lot of reflecting on the scale after my Whole 30 since I wasn't allowed to weigh myself for 30 days.

After having a nearly perfect Whole 30 I weighed on the 30th day at -4 pounds. I was so disappointed. But... I lost 11 inches which is incredible. Yet, I was so hung up on the scale.

Someone sent me this after my results:

Just remember your return to the gym could be why you're moving around a lot, while your body composition could be changing a lot!

I also think you should really get the It Starts with Food book - maybe download it on your new ipad for some Florida reading :)

It's actually been the BIGGEST eye opener EVER for me how our bodies work and why Paleo seems to be soooo successful for people in losing weight! :) and why low-fat foods and counting calories really can screw us over!

That Loud Redhead said...

Enjoy your time deserve to unplug!

Dena said...

I use the blogger app on my iphone. It's pretty basic. I don't think you can read other blogs in your feed, but it works for typing up a quick blog. Plus you can add pictures from your library, which is what I use it for uploading my weigh in pictures. It's not something I use all the time...but it comes in handy when you aren't by a computer :0)

Joy said...

Happy Belated Birthday. We are actually going camping for Thanksgiving. Our kids are with the In-Laws, so we thought we would get out of town. We understand there is a huge community of people who meet at this camp ground and have done it for years. I don't think this will be our tradition. But it should be fun this year!

Take care of yourself and keep up the great work. You've got this!!

Have a fit day!

Une femme en santé said...

Bonne fête et bonne Action de Grâces ! Ici elle est déjà passée l'Action de Grâces. Alors c'est une fin de semaine ordinaire.
Je suis allée une fois en Floride, Fort Lauderdale et j'ai adoré. Seras-tu au bord de la mer ?

Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

Enjoy your trip and Noah's first Hanukkah/Thanksgiving!

Spoonful of Me said...

Happy Birthday!!!

NAN said...

LOVE it!