November 17, 2013

Roses and thorns

I typically post weigh-ins on Fridays but this weekend has been go-go-go non-stop, so this is the first chance I'm finding to share this week's results.

After last week's frustrating gain, I cracked down and worked hard this week, and it worked - I weighed in at 249!

That's a 5 pound loss for the week, and a new decade to work through. I'm excited to be this close to 245 (my 100 pound weight loss milestone), but also, 247 - at that point, I will have lost half the weight I gained while pregnant, but also, my BMI will be back under 40 - meaning, I will be "just" obese. The last time this happened, I was just as excited:
This morning there will be a little extra bounce in my step, because my weekly weigh-in has been a good one. Last week I was at 250 even, so any loss would get me into the 240s and put me up against my old foe, The Four in the Tens Place. This morning, I am at 246. These four pounds make my total loss 99 pounds, and bring my BMI to 39.7 ... which means I am no longer the super obese person I was in July. And I'm not even the morbidly obese person I've been whittling myself down to. Today, I am simply obese, and all things considered, that is a wonderful thing to be.
One thing that helped a lot this week was avoiding peanut butter. It's been a quick spoonful for a snack (though, interestingly enough, no longer a binge trigger since I got pregnant), but it's so many calories for just a little amount. In some cases, abstinence works better for me than moderation, so for now, I'm going to keep trying to stay away from it.

I can feel a little difference in my body composition since I started working out, even though it has only been about two or three weeks. The leg muscles I built up with thousands of miles of cycling in California are feeling strong again! And slowly, but surely, my self confidence is building up. I no longer make a retching sound when Matt takes pictures of me - it's now "hmm, that one isn't horrible." They're baby steps in the right direction.

The weekend so far has been so-so with food choices - on Friday we had a faculty retreat at work and even though I had half a sandwich with a little broccoli salad and a cookie for lunch, I still felt bloated with sodium. The scale was up a little bit the next day (though still in the 249 range), which I expected. Saturday, I knew we would be going out to dinner - Matt's aunt and uncle were driving down to Florida for the winter so we drove a few hours to a convenient town where we could meet up. I had a protein heavy late breakfast/early lunch, then made the best choices I could at dinner (a barbecue place). I made sure to go to the gym before we hit the road, so that hopefully helped a little.

I'm drafting this post Saturday night to post Sunday morning, so I am not sure what the scale will read tomorrow, but I'm not worried. I made the best choices I could, I didn't binge, and the rest of the week will be full of good choices, so in the end, it will all end up okay.

Wednesday is my birthday, and I am not planning on doing anything special food-wise. We had discussed going out to dinner but after this weekend, plus the anticipated meals out on our way to/while we are in Florida, I think it's smarter to just stay in. More than birthday cake, more than a heavy restaurant dinner ... I want to be able to wear my old clothes. I want to reach the milestones. I want to feel like my healthiest self.

What about you? How was your week? What are your Thanksgiving plans?


Amy said...

What an awesome week! Congrats on the loss! I find taking certain things out of my house is much better as well. Nuts seem to be a big one for me.

I ended up making my own dinner on my birthday instead of going out, and it was still a great birthday :)

Joy said...

Congrats on your weight loss and Happy Birthday in advance!!!

You are really reaching for your optimal health and fitness!!

I have a favor to ask….

I have been searching through the blog world for bloggers who are working their plans, losing weight and getting fit. A lot of the ones I see, well mostly….they are not doing this. They are blogging about other things, or they are stuck, or sadly, they have just quit blogging.

Frankly I need inspiration! I need hope….I need to see a healthy lifestyle working out in other peoples lives……I want to see success!!!!!

With that sad, because you are working your plan and reaching toward your optimal health and fitness, I would love to feature your weight loss and fitness story on my blog. Because…you are an Inspirational World Changer!!!

Yes that’s right….your story just might help change the world and help us fight the battle of obesity!!

If you are interested please email your story to me at I will post your story and link your blog for others to follow your progress!

So excited to watch you achieve your optimal health and fitness!!! You are well on your way!!!!

Have a fit day!!!

Unknown said...

Good for you! What a nice accomplishment! Keep up the excellent work.

Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

Great job, Mary! Noah's getting so big,

NAN said...

Good for you, Mary, and you look really cute. Noah is a lucky baby- it's obvious what a good mother and wife you are. Keep up the hard work!

Joy said...

Hi Mary!! Thank you so much for your amazing story. I've posted it on my blog. Check it out!! Also, be sure to grab your Inspirational World Changer badge. YOU DESERVE IT!! Congratulations!!

Keep up the great work!

Have a fit day!!

Running Meg said...

Hi! I found your through Katie over at Runs with Cookies. Oh man, Mama, you're singing my song! I know exactly how you feel. I've got twin boys who were born Dec 2012 and I know how easy it is to eat like crap.
I lost 45 pounds after the boys were born and was at my smallest weight since probably high school. Of course that was all fluid and baby because I gained it back and then some and weigh more than I ever have. Almost as much as I did when pregnant with them. Ugh.
YOU CAN DO THIS! You're kicking butt!