August 16, 2013

Roses and thorns

We're alive!

And we're in South Carolina!

We just got internet access at home a couple of days ago, right when I was in the middle of all my new faculty orientations and a ton of meetings. Today, I have a few hours in my office between meetings; since my office computer was delivered and installed yesterday, I finally can sit down and post an update on the ol' blog.

Life has been crazy but good. Moving wasn't bad, all things considered. One of the hardest things was accepting that we had to eat on the road, as well as go out to eat until our kitchen was unpacked and we went to the grocery store. Our weights spiked up, then dropped down. I'm a pound lighter than the day we left Chicago, so even though it's up one pound from my last weigh-in post, I'll take it - it's down 4 pounds from the post-driving/just arrived dining out bloat. 259 is out of the 260s, at least.

We're adjusting pretty well so far, I think. We both have new jobs: I'm settling in at a school that feels absolutely perfect for me, and Matt is discovering how much work being a stay-at-home dad really is (this morning we left the house without a bottle - found out the hard way that Noah doesn't really care if we're "almost home"). I only cried two and a half times the day I left them home for the first time, which I'm proud of. I miss my boys a lot during the day, but I know it's definitely worth it to be able to teach again!

Classes start Monday, and I'm excited to get back into that kind of routine again. Even today, coming to work with my healthy lunchbox packed up, it feels like I'm setting myself up for success. I haven't started working out at the school or apartment gyms yet, but that will come soon - this week has simply been too hectic, with unpacking and getting settled and taking care of business at work.

Something I'm very excited about is how active everyone here seems to be. At the new faculty orientation, there were a ton of people who introduced themselves as runners (one woman had done over 40 marathons!), and the guy I sat next to had lost 130 pounds himself by going on long walks and hikes! When sharing my unique thing about myself, I said I was a runner and that, before my son came along, I was a 150+ pound loser. Since the new faculty will meet a few times throughout the semester for more informational sessions, I thought it would be appropriate - another group to be accountable to. When I moved to California, I kept my weight loss a secret - I wanted to be just another person, not someone with a history to hide. This time, things are different, and I'm going to be open and honest about the journey I'm on. I know it will help me in the end.

I've been reading everyone's blogs (I love the Feedly app for iPhone! A lot more user-friendly than the website) but commenting from my phone has been impossible (I've tried, they don't go through!). So hopefully I'll be able to offer more feedback to everyone soon. I have been following along, though, and seeing how everyone has been doing.

What about you? How have you all been? What weight loss or fitness goals are you working towards right now? Do you share your weight loss journey with co-workers (or family, friends, etc.) for more accountability?


Losing The Rolls said...

Glad to hear you're doing well Mary. It sounds like the job will be a perfect fit for you. Yeah!

I like that you share your weight loss success with your new colleagues. I think it will benefit you in the long run.

I've been struggling, but am working my way back on track. Trying to get in the routine at cooking and eating more meals at home is my biggest goal right now.

Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

Sooo happy that you are all moved and a bit settled! I can feel/hear the happiness in your pst! :)

Wii Fit & A Bet said...

The hardest part for me, when sharing with colleagues, was accepting praise because I felt so far away from my goal that I wasn't "worthy" of praise yet. I am getting better at accepting praise. :) good luck!

Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

So glad to hear how wonderfully things seem to be in your new home! And I laughed that you said you "only cried 2 1/2 times." Not 3, just 2 1/2! Too cute! I'm doing well! Today is my 4 year anniversary of beginning my weight-loss journey and I'm only a couple of pounds over my 75 pound loss. Still not at my dream weight. I may never get there and that is okay.

timothy said...

so glad you found the right fit and I KNOW once you get settled you're gonna do so well! I myself and toodling right along............have a GLORIOUS week!

Unknown said...

I was thinking about you the other day, and wondering how things were going in South Carolina. Glad you are getting stabilized there!

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear how well you're doing! Hope you all are settling in well and enjoying yourselves.