April 12, 2013

Like a turtle

I've received a lot of messages in the past few days, asking if Baby and I are alright since it's been nearly two weeks since I've posted. Guess now that it's down to the final weeks, I should be posting more frequently!

(Don't worry, Matt's hospital "go bag" includes his laptop and his birthing center tour question was about wi-fi capability, so as soon as we're done letting our families know that Baby is here, you'll all be the next to get an update!)

We've been incredibly busy the past few weeks, trying to get everything ready for Baby's impending arrival. 
  • Matt's mom came to town for Passover, and it was a busy week of seders, dinners, and running from one baby store to the next getting everything we need. Then, when she left, it was a lot of assembly - the crib, the changing table, the Diaper Genie - and a lot of laundry and sorting/putting things away.
  • Once everything was put away and the dust settled, I had my baby shower, and besides being an absolutely lovely day surrounded by incredible friends and family, it brought even more wonderful things to help us get started with our little one. We are very, very lucky to have such amazing love and support. (A more detailed post on the shower is up on Kosher Lasagna, if you'd like to read more.)
  • A big shock at my baby shower: my mom flew in from Connecticut to surprise me!
    As you can tell by my puffy eyes, I sobbed like crazy. It was amazing. Matt's mom also flew in, so I got to spend that evening with the two grandmothers-to-be. I'm glad they got to spend time together before Nugget arrives!
  • The day after the shower was the Shamrock Shuffle, the biggest race field in Chicago after the marathon. It's 8K, and I did it in 2011 and 2012. This year, of course, I was on the support team - but Matt ran and PRed the heck out of it.
    I'm amazingly proud of how well he continues to do! It was a good "last" race for him - even though race season is starting and there are tons to do, he's just running for now, not racing, until Baby is born and we figure out how to balance training and life with a newborn. His next race is in late July, one he wanted to do last year but couldn't due to it being three days after his hernia surgery.
  • After the race, we met up with a few of our friends for lunch, then headed home, where I proceeded to sleep for nearly 24 hours. All that cleaning and organizing and partying and running around and cheering ... it took a lot out of me!
  • More teaching jobs are starting to open up, so I've been applying to any that I am qualified for. The tricky part is that my computer died in January, and with it went all of my application materials, so piecing everything together from scratch has been a bit stressful. The CV is easy to rewrite. My teaching portfolio? Not so much.
  • And, of course, the checkups with my midwife, which are now weekly. We had our final ultrasound, which went well (Baby slept through it!) - he is measuring perfectly, he's healthy, I'm healthy. We couldn't ask for more. I know we're a bit biased, but we think he's the cutest little nugget on the entire planet.
So, it's been a whirlwind, to say the least.

I've been feeling a bit queasy again, so I've been trying to lay as low as possible. Tonight we made an exception: thanks to my huge cumbersome pregnant belly, it's tough for me to sleep more than a few hours at a time, so I find myself in the middle of the night either on Twitter or playing Words With Friends. While checking tweets the other day, I found contact info for reserving tickets to the Roger Ebert memorial tribute at The Chicago Theater, and I was able to reserve two seats for us.

It was such a brilliant evening, with lots of laughs and a few tears and so many stories from people whose lives were touched by this quintessential Chicagoan. One of my favorite parts was when Dick Gregory spoke. Gregory is a social activist known for his work for civil rights, and he commended Ebert for his work with acceptance and promotion of minorities in film. The best thing I thought he said, though, was when he compared Ebert to a turtle:
hard on the outside, soft on the inside, and able to move forward by being willing to stick his neck out.
With weight loss, you see a lot of people using the turtle as a model for their goals: slow and steady winning the race, with eyes on the long-term. I thought this comparison was just lovely, and also relevant, and it needed to be shared.


LynnieG said...

Brilliant all around! Your picture with your mom is glowing! Best wishes to you and Matt as you welcome 'nugget' into the world. Love the 'turtle-ism' and absolutely love the blanket hanging on the crib ;)

Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

SO happy to hear you are doing well and gearing up for the arrival of Nugget! And happy to hear that your mom was able to share your very special baby shower day with you!!

Sarah said...

Grover! :)

Sarah said...

Praying that everything finishes smoothly and that Mama, Daddy, and baby are nothing but healthy & happy!


Paige said...

I think that blanket in the crib is the cutest thing I've ever seen-I love it! And I really like that sweater you wore to your shower-that color blue is just lovely on you. :)

Weight Wars said...

I think of you so often, I love hearing about your little family. I hope that all is smooth. Don't pressure yourself to do anything after the baby is born but be you, baby and your man x

One girl One Salad said...

all the pics come up as Xs for me :( boooo, but grats!!