December 21, 2012


So much of what I avoid eating now is due to the smell. It is hard for me to cook meat, roast vegetables, or even open a jar of peanut butter or hummus without gagging. There are ways to get around this, of course, like buying a pre-roasted chicken, but you really need to be careful with those - some of them can be real sodium bombs! When I am served these things (or, I am not involved with the direct smell of them), I am fine - at a Hanukkah dinner at Matt's dad's house, I was able to eat carrots and hummus with no problem. Another excellent help was when Matt bought us a George Foreman grill at Target's Black Friday sale. I can put some meat on there to cook, walk away, and let it do it's thing.

In an effort to consume more veggies, I've taken to trying to drink them. It's an interesting challenge, not only in creating ways to make them more palatable, but in the fact that this is a struggle at all. When I first started losing weight, something that made the whole process a lot easier was that I completely love vegetables. I had loved broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, asparagus, and countless others, even at 345 pounds. So the fact that I struggle so much right now is really surprising.

I've bought mini cans of V8 to drink for breakfast or a snack, but they're another source of too much sodium, even the reduced sodium variety! And a veggie juicer just isn't practical at this time. So, I've been trying my hand at making smoothies. I've made them countless times before when I was actively losing weight - spinach/blackberry and spinach/blueberry were some favorites. But now, we're trying a few new things, with mixed results.

Our recipe for smoothies-for-two is, basically, as follows:
- two handfuls of greens
- a handful of fresh or frozen fruit
- a 6 oz. cup of Greek yogurt
- enough unsweetened almond milk to make it into a drink

Our go-to green veggie is usually spinach. We tried kale the other day, and honestly, I wish I'd somehow recorded us drinking it. It was torturous. Like mowing the lawn, and then trying to drink that. There wasn't enough pineapple in the world to make it better.

The fruit is tough, because it's mid-winter, and berries in our budget come almost exclusively frozen. We usually keep blueberries, pineapple, and peaches on hand for snacking, and all of those go great in a smoothie.

We're coming up short on ideas, though, and would love some input. What about you? Do you make fruit and veg smoothies? Suggestions for fruits? What greens do you use? If kale, please, some advice!!!