December 2, 2012


I remember how stressful the first December was when I first started losing weight. From Thanksgiving through Christmas is a horribly tempting time, with all my family's major overeating holidays packed into one stressful month. I made a plan before heading home for Christmas, and stuck to it as well as I could. I returned to Chicago a few pounds lighter and without any of the typical self-loathing that followed up after a holiday meal.

This year, we'll be doing Christmas in Chicago, just Matt and me. It'll be nice, I'm sure - we're still talking about what we should do, but we want to find some unique tradition of our own. The best part, though, will be that our eating should be on point because we won't have any of my mom's wonderfully tempting Christmas treats around. No huge meals, no trays of baked goods.

I don't know what kind of challenge it would be if we were there for the holiday. I've been lucky in that I very rarely desire sweets - with the exception of fruit, especially oranges and grapes, I've been mostly craving savory things. But the past week or so, I've had a bit of a sweet tooth, and have given in to the cravings more often than I should have. It isn't every day, but even twice a week feels like too much when I have the guilt of what-I-eat,-baby-eats on my mind. (Not to mention the looming stress of knowing that in six months, I'll be able to work out again, and whatever I eat now will contribute to the weight I need to lose then.)

The challenge I'm imposing on myself, then, for December: stay focused with my eating. I'm trying really hard to keep my eating as good as possible. It's a lot harder than I would like it to be, because so many things are unappealing to me these days. One way I've found it fairly easy to get both meat and vegetables down is via soups, and I've either made or bought several in the last month: turkey sausage/kale/potato, tomato, tomato basil, chicken/turkey noodle. When buying or making soup, I do whatever I can to make it as low in sodium as possible - I usually use 1/3 of the broth they recommend, subbing water for the rest, and what broth I do use, I make sure is reduced sodium. It's still plenty salty for our tastes.

So: I'd like to try and avoid any sweets until Christmas - and same for going out to eat. I want to get back into cooking more, not only for the health benefit, but for my wallet - with the holidays and all, this is going to be a very tight month financially. It's all too common to work a long shift and then, exhausted, want to grab something quick and easy for dinner before heading home.

I know that achieving my goals is not hard when I set my mind to them - right now, it's just a matter of setting my mind to them!

What about you? What are your December goals? What is your plan of attack for the upcoming onslaught of holiday temptations?


Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

Last year I vowed not to gain weight during the holidays and I did. this year, I'm trying to still take off the weight I gained from last year! I have my running streak going since Thanksgiving, so that's keeping me on track with fitting in workouts. My oven being broken is really helping with reducing my baking!!!

Bethie boops said...

Oh man! The cravings are intense. And with this whole baby thing, it makes listening to your body extra tough, because sometimes it tricks you. Why do I crave sour worms? There is NO nutritional value in gummies! GAH!

Good Luck on your streak goal. You can do it!

marisol said...

Last December I actually lost weight due to strep. I don't think that will happen again this year so I plan on being more diligent with my "treats" and "guilt free meals".

Anonymous said...

My goal in December is similar to yours, I'm trying to get back into cooking more. I look back at when we used to do the weekly challenges with Amy and I was cooking all the time, now we eat out 4-6 times a week. So, I'm committed to cooking at least 2 big meals each week and having easy stuff on hand otherwise so that we don't give in to temptation too often.

Best of luck to you this December!

Unknown said...

Im focusing on lessening the STRESS this December.


CarolineCalcote said...

I know I'm not going to be able to obsessively exercise like normal this month. I'm just too busy. I have a few challenges I'm doing just to make sure I do SOMETHING active every day. I'm also committed to photographing all my food (and caloric drinks) this month for accountability. Hope I can stick to it! Best of luck to you and Happy Holidays!

Unknown said...

December is always such a challenging month. I'm a little bit nervous about keeping my weight-loss going throughout the month.

Tammy said...

My goal is just trying not to gain any weight. I will just keep exercising, trying not to eat a lot...really have to pay attention to the mindless snacking of Christmas cookies, fudge, etc. I don't want to go into the New Year weighing more than I do will just try to stay focused.