November 1, 2012


The other night, we finally finished telling our families, so it was time to tell our friends. We decided to announce it at a Halloween parade with an idea I saw on Pinterest:

Possibly hard to see, it was a bit dark - we're skeletons, and mine has a baby skeleton on the belly! (Instead of buying the iron-on transfer, I painted them myself onto black shirts with glow-in-the-dark fabric paint.) It was a terrific success, and our friends have been amazingly congratulatory and incredibly supportive.

It has been so wonderful to have this kind of positive atmosphere the past few days, because I've been having a bit of a tough time. It's mostly based in the fact that I'm not feeling like myself - after a very active year maintaining my weight, I'm feeling both uncomfortable and self-conscious lately.

Some truths:
  • The baby weighs about an ounce and a half right now, but I've gained about 15 pounds. I'm supposed to gain 25-35 through the whole nine months. We're not due until April.
  • I understand the gain (no more running, plus with almost everything making me queasy and nauseated, I ate mostly pasta and crackers for the first few months), but I'm still uncomfortable with it.

I spoke with my midwife about it, given my history of disordered eating and super obesity, and she said that one good thing was that even though I am not at my goal weight, I'm incredibly healthy, and all my vitals are perfect. That's good for me and great for baby. As for the weight gain, she said that even though running is out for now, I was very active before, so I can still be active as long as I'm not overexerting myself. I want to join the gym next to where I work - even an hour on a stationary bike four or five times a week would be better than nothing - but I haven't been able to yet, since I'm trying to get my financial situation in order (transitioning to depending on my paychecks instead of continuing to use my savings from teaching).

A few things I am grateful for:
  • A due date in late April, so I'll be ready to exercise and lose weight again in the summer (much better than having to restart in the middle of a Chicago winter)
  • An incredible partner who is understanding and motivating, and will help me not only control my weight gain but will support me as I work my way back down to my pre-pregnancy weight and then lower to my long-term goal weight

I have a lot of diet-related thoughts and ideas, but I'll save them for a post of their own. I want to keep blogging about weight and exercise, etc., and keep most of my baby-specific things to a separate blog, maybe. I have so many questions and so much to say, I need an outlet for it!


Bailey @ Onederland or Bust! said...

It sounds like you have a lot of support! You guys both look very happy in the picture and I think that's such a cute idea! I can't wait to read about your experience with the pregnancy :)

Angela @ Honey, I Shrunk the Mom said...

Your announcement idea is really cute!

Alizey said...

Ahh I love the halloween idea. Very cute and creative. This is one of the most exciting times of your life, dont stress to much about the weight. You lost it all once you will do it again. Congrats!

Spoonful of Me said...

That is such a cute idea. Don't worry about the weight gain it is a natural part of pregnancy and you will lose it after the baby.

CarolineCalcote said...

Cutest announcement shirts ever! LOVE! I think if you wanted to combine baby stuff into this one blog with your weight/exercise blogging also, nobody would mind. But that's coming from me who just blogs about everything excessively all the time :)

Sarah said...

Cute costumes!

I'd follow the baby blog, but I'd be perfectly okay seeing the posts here too. Your blog is about your life, not just your weight, and your baby is a big part of your life now.

Une femme en santé said...

Il est beau ton costume, wow tes amis devaient ĂȘtre surpris quans ils te voyaient :-)
Tu es rayonnante de joie sur la photo!

Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

Love the costumes!

Yum Yucky said...

OMG! congratulations!!! this is awesome news. I gained 54 pounds with one of my pregnancies (err, can't remember which one), but the weight CAN and WILL come off. Honestly, just eat well with a little bit of greedy nibbles in between, and you'll do just fine. You WILL be hungrier, so don't knock yourself for that. Just focus on enjoying this special time. It truly is a magical time for you right now. I'm done having babies, but I look back and remember how special it was. :)

Poison said...

I know exactly how you feel. I gained that first 15 lbs in the first month after finding out I was expecting and constantly struggled with all the weight that kept piling on. It was emotionally draining to think about all the time. Also financially not being able to afford things is something I know too well. I ended up gaining more with this pregnancy than I did with my first when I was already overweight to begin with that time around. I only gained 39 with Jett but this time I gained about 80. Even typing that just now makes me shudder. I am also thankful for the same things though. I like that I was due at the end of the summer because here in Texas it's sooo hot all summer long that I felt it would be nice to be able to start running outside again once the weather was cooled off enough to not give me heat stroke. lol. My partner is also very understanding and motivating to me. He's helping me in every way that I ask him to and even ways that I don't ask.

I am so glad you have all this support from friends and family, you will need it! And you can always talk to me if you need to hear from someone who has been through this. I found it's hard to try to explain to others who don't have the same experiences. I'm not a good example of how to maintain a healthy lifestyle while pregnant, haha, but I can be your bad example so you know what not to do.