June 30, 2012

Foodie penpal: June

I wish I remembered where I saw it, but I was reading a blog about a month or so ago and came across the most brilliant idea: bloggers sign up and then send a package to another blogger. Lovely, no? The theme is "foodies" - so the boxes are full of homemade goodies, or local specialties, or some ingredients to make an included recipe. It combines two of my loves: exploring food and getting mail. So of course, I signed up.

I sent my package to Leslie, a woman with a great blog called Bake This Cake - she does all sorts of vintage cake recipes. I'm super into old recipes, if you recall, and wish I wasn't mid-move, I would've sent her some retro cookbooks! As I've been entirely addicted to homemade trail mix lately, I sent her some individually portioned out bags with nuts, lots of different dried fruits, and these interesting Almond Joy candies I found at the store - I usually do coconut and chocolate chips, but with the heat in California, I was worried about them melting, so I used these instead, as they're sort of like M&Ms - I hoped the candy coating would keep better!

For the package I received, many many thanks go to Tina from Moms Crazy Cooking who sent me a variety of goodies from Trader Joe's, as well as a reusable grocery bag (always handy!) and a really lovely note congratulating me on my weight loss.

To tell the truth, I just went to Trader Joe's for the first time in March - there were a few in Chicago, but none near my apartment (though one opened within a few weeks of my relocation!). The closest one to me in California? Over an hour away. If I had a car, it would be worth the drive, for sure. It's a really neat place.

So, thank you Tina for the amazing package! I can't wait to see what July brings - being in Chicago, I can get way more creative with my outgoing mail now!

What about you? Have you ever had a penpal? Would you be interested in a blogger package swap like these? What are some local specialties you would include in your package?

Also: somewhat on the subject of vintage/retro recipes, I have a guest post going live either today or yesterday (I'm writing this in advance due to the big move this weekend!) on Mimi's retro Weight Watchers blog. I made a recipe from a 1974 issue of Weight Watchers magazine - let's just say ... it involves fish, melon, pickles. Go check it out!



So glad you enjoyed the Trader Joe goodies! :-)

Kami said...

I used to have two penpals as a kid and I always enjoyed reading and writing to them. The first one I had I think in second grade and she was from Sweeden. It didn't last long because I lost her address! The second one was an assignment in fifth grade (the whole class got a penpal at a school about half an hour away). I wrote to her from 5-12 grades.

I really like the idea of a blogger package swap like you did with the food. I live in Northwest Indiana (within an hour drive to Chicago) and could include something Indiana-ish and Chicago-ish.

I also think it would be a cool idea to have a clothing swap with other people losing weight. Maybe people could send a gently worn outfit to someone that could use that size. Maybe someone already does this and I've just not heard about it.

Matt said...

Why do I have a bad feeling about this happening in my kitchen?

Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

I had a penpal when I was young. She was my mother's cousin's daughter whom I met once at my grandma's house. It ended many, many, many years ago so I have no idea what she's up to now, but she's only 20 minutes away!

Bailey @ Onederland or Bust! said...

love foodie penpal!! I haven't received my june package yet, but hopefully soon :)

marisol said...

That is one of my favorite trail mixes from TJ's. So yum! And Cookie Butter... dang! As a recovering Cookie Butter addict, I should warn you that it's freaking addicting. I had to throw mine out. It was too tempting.

But the foodie penpal is a great idea.