March 16, 2012

Roses and thorns

I'm up a pound this week by which I am neither (a) surprised or (b) defeated. I held strong at 190 most of the week, then had a very high sodium day, and the scale jumped up. The scale readout, paired with some heavy life stresses, frustrated me, so instead of sticking to my usual post-heavy sodium detox routine, I pouted and felt bad about life and let it win for a day.

I also put on my running shoes, though, and hit the road.

And I did the same the next day, with better eating.

And so today, to see 192, I'm not thrilled - especially after seeing my all-time adult low of 190 for several days - but I'm okay with it.

I'm going to try a run streak until I head out to Chicago for spring break - even if it's just a mile, I want to run a little every day. I just finished a great book on finding your ideal weight as an endurance athlete (!!!), and I have a lot of ideas about not only how I fuel my body, but how I move it. It stinks, but as much as I love biking for hours and hours, I need to refocus on running for weight loss. I'll talk more about the science of it on Sunday with my recipe (there will be one this week, I promise!).

A week from today, I'll be taking the train to San Francisco, then flying to Chicago for a few days. I'm trying leaving out of San Francisco instead of Los Angeles for a few reasons - to get into Chicago at a more reasonable time, and also, because the train is both cheaper and less terrifying than taking the 19-seater propeller plane from my little city to LA. I had originally planned to stay in San Francisco a bit on the way back, but I have rescheduled so that I come right back to the Central Valley - 4 hours or so in San Francisco, instead of an overnight. There are a few different reasons, none of which I'm really dying to explore right now, but I definitely feel like it's the right choice.

And it's good, because now I can focus on Chicago, and my to-do (and to-don't) list. To do: run the Shamrock Shuffle, spend time with my amazing friends and family, explore my favorite city, go clothes shopping. To not do: a few things, but especially, don't binge eat/hide food. Those have been problems on every trip back, and I'm over it. I want to enjoy my time in the city, not sneak around eating junk because I'm depressed for any number of reasons. I'm so close to finally leaving the 190s, finally feeling like I'm working at my physical best again. I don't want to sacrifice that feeling for the temporary rush of a binge, especially not a shame-filled secret one.

So, that's it. I'm looking forward to a rainy weekend full of grading and Chicago trip planning, a little running, a little biking, a good amount of healthy eating, and some new recipe exploring.

What about you? What's on your agenda for the weekend, anything fun or interesting? What new recipes have you tried lately?


Plump Nonfiction said...

Me and the hubby are trying to save money so we are just staying in the whole weekend and maybe watch a movie or 2.

Anonymous said...

Any ideas on why the binging and hiding in Chicago?

It was a big change moving out to CA. It sez a lot about your determination and stamina that you have maintained and begun to lose again. I hope rerouting yourself to more runnning gets you into the 180's!

Kelly said...

I'm looking foward to reading more about the book - will you be sharing the name of the book on Sunday? I'd like to read it.

Unknown said...

Have a great trip!

timothy said...

you can do it, just have fun and stay focused. you're a terminatrix sweetie, you kill it! and besides you dont really want me to have to put on a cheerleader skirt and shake my pompoms do ya? though that image might curb your appetite! LMAO

Connie said...

Sometimes the scale just does not want to cooperate with us. It is so frustrating when we do things that we feel should make the needle move down and it doesn't. BUT, it will. You will definitely get back down to your low, and even lower!

I am looking forward to reading about the science of running vs. biking. I am very interested in that. VERY interested! Although I am not running yet (just too much weight on the knees right now), I hope to one day!

Have a great trip and enjoy spring break in Chi Town!

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty excited about my own trip to Chicago on the 28th :) I haven't been back since I left, and I'm really looking forward to seeing friends I haven't seen in nearly two years.

As for this weekend, I'm heading out to play in a tennis match in s short bit. My doubles partner and I practiced for the first time last night and did really well!

You've got me thinking about running, though. I had thought I might get a bike soon/next, but it's just a way to prolong the inevitable: running.

Have fun in Chi-town, and good luck at the Shuffle :)

Tim said...

I am hoping when I visit France in a few weeks time that I find a good balance between eating yummy French food but not overeating yummy French food. My self-discipline goes out the window whenever i'm on holiday, especially where the food is SO good.