November 2, 2011

Workouts: October

For October, my goals were to keep up the biking, try to find an organized race so I can try for my sub-30 5k, and complete my 345-in-2011 goal. I biked 519.66 miles in October, over 50 more miles than September! And I registered for a 5k in Chicago, which I will be running this Saturday, and a sub-30 finish is looking really good. I'm nervous but confident.

With my training runs, I logged 24.5 miles of running in October - more than double what I did in September - and I officially satisfied my 2011 goal of running 345 miles on October 30! I couldn't be happier. My first mile was in Connecticut, my middle miles were in Chicago, and I ended it in California. *sigh* It's been quite a year.

I can't believe it's November, but it's true. We're officially in the midst of the unholy trinity of difficult fall/winter holidays in terms of food: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas. Halloween was tough, but it's likely to be my only challenge - because of my family situation back in Connecticut, with my folks separating and all, I'm definitely not heading back for Thanksgiving, and whatever we end up doing for Christmas is certainly not going to be the food-based holiday of years past. So I'm breathing a little easier.

I don't want to believe that my weight is the same at the end of October as it was at the end of September, but that's true, too. 196, 196. A very hard pill to swallow after seeing the number of logged miles, but it is what it is. I'm still struggling with binge eating, and am seeking offline help (which I will be writing about soon).

In spite of the consistency with month-end numbers, I can feel changes in my body. I cannot for the life of me locate my measuring tape, but I can feel in my jeans that my legs are leaner and more muscular - it's the biking, for sure.

My workout goals for November are to run more and bike less. I'm not sure if I ever formally announced it on the blog, but I registered for another race the same day I registered for the 5k in Chicago...

The half, of course. Oh M G, indeed.

So I'm going to keep up with my training for that; in the interest of not killing my knees, I've been taking the bus and getting rides to work from Justin a few times a week. I know ironmen run and bike an awful lot more than that, but I'm not a triathlete - I know my limits, and I don't want to risk any injury.

I also want to incorporate other workouts into my routine - even if it's just Wii Fit, I want to get back into more diverse workouts. I got my teaching schedule for the spring, and it's going to be very different from anything I've done before: teaching afternoon/evenings! So I want to also start looking for a gym to join once the semester ends that I can also use in the spring. I miss the elliptical!

What about you? How was your October? What are your goals for November? Any races or challenges on the schedule? What's your game plan for surviving the fall/winter holidays?


Anonymous said...

Oh, oh, oh - I saw 195 today but 196 yesterday...gotta get away from these '90s...we'll do it together??? Ramp up the exercise in November. That's my plan!!

Jessica said...

Overall my October was great...the last week got crazy with work and I didn't get in as many workouts as I would like, but I am still kicking!

Greg (Transformed and Scaled) said...

Wow, Mary, you're impressing me with these running and biking numbers. I'm really hoping to get back to running next spring/summer, and get more biking in as well. Working out outdoors is so much nicer than using a treadmill or bike at the gym. Keep it up!

Ann said...

love this!!!! Awesome goals, Mary!!!

Tim said...

Wow! half marathon! Woo Hoo!! Are you doing that with anyone?

I might steal your idea and set myself a biking/rowing goal for the rest of the year. I rarely use the bike at the gym and I suck using the rower, so they would definitely help improve my fitness.

Denise said...

My October was great until Halloween, when I could not step away from the food so it turned into a big, steaming pile of crap. I was all happy with my 187 on October 27, and then Nov first came and I'm back to 193.

I agree with you about Halloween being the hardest holiday this year. We're doing nothing for Thanksgiving and we're not going out of town for Christmas so it should be easy-ish to control my food intake (famous last words).

Good luck in November! You've got this shit!

Chubby McGee said...

Great goals!

Also, I'm so jealous of you! I wish I had a bike. :( Ride a few extra miles for me next time, will ya? Please? I miss riding so much.

marisol said...

October goals were not met and that's because I didn't put the effort. But I'm looking to fix that in November. I decided to start following a half marathon walking guide for the next three months. I am terrified by it because the longest distance I've ever walked was 5 miles. But 6 months ago, the longest distance I've walked was a mile without huffing & puffing.

Great goals! I hope you give yourself some time to explore LA. Such a neat place!