November 4, 2011

Roses and thorns

Provided all went well last night, I'm in Chicago right now, wandering around my favorite city in the world and waiting for Lorelei to finish work so we can explore together. I'm drafting this before I leave, so I hope that when this goes live, I'm as happy as I presently hope I will be. On deck for this trip: my 5k tomorrow (nervous), seeing some people I love, and enjoying a non-80ยบ autumn.

Since I'm away, there's no weigh in for today - I'll add it to my Fire Up update on Monday. All the more motivation to stay focused while I'm out of town!

Enjoy your weekends, folks. Make good choices!


Shannon said...

I hope your having a great time in Chicago! And I hope you have an awesome race!

Ann said...

Hope you had an awesome trip, Mary!!! Thinking of you this weekend! <3