October 4, 2011

Workouts: September

Well, my low-activity August certainly met its match with September! Between biking and running, I stayed very active - admittedly less running than I would have liked, but I am already focusing on October as my coming-back-to-life via running month.

I biked a lot in September. Like, a ton. It's almost an embarrassing number when you realize I'm only down 3 pounds from where I was at the end of August. But, all things considered, I'm feeling okay with my overall weight loss progress:

All the biking wasn't a complete waste - it felt good to move, even if my eating was sub-par, and now that I am back to losing, I can feel some of the results of my 465.85 miles of biking - my legs are looking incredibly toned, even moreso than they were before with all the running. My thighs look and feel a-mazing. I'm thrilled.

Speaking of running ... I ran 10.08 miles in September - yikes. It's upsetting, especially considering I was on track to run more than that in one race earlier in the month. But I'm not feeling defeated. I really miss running distances, to be honest. I miss going a little slower than in a shorter race and really taking my time to hit the pavement. My last long run in Chicago was nine miles and was about an hour and forty-five minutes. There's an incredible mental clarity that comes from doing a physical activity for that long - you feel pushed to your limits, and then you push harder, and it's amazing. You did something you didn't think you could, and your reward is a second breakfast, a big glass of water or two, an ice bath, and a feeling like you can reach out and grab absolutely anything you dream of.

I miss that feeling.

It isn't gone forever, though. I'm on the lookout for December/January half marathons - it's California, they race year round. That gives me time to train, plus I won't have to worry about traveling rush since I'll be on winter break. Most of the halfs I've seen so far are on Sunday mornings, which makes things tricky since I teach on Monday mornings and the flights in and out of the small local airport only run a couple of times a day.

Everything is moving in the right direction again, and I couldn't be more pleased. My eating is better, the scale is moving in the right direction, I'm feeling balanced overall, and my stress is definitely down compared to the beginning of September. I'm glad that I have been able to figure out ways to stay active without a gym membership, though I do miss it sometimes, to tell the truth. I miss the elliptical sometimes, and just having a place to go and sweat out my stresses. I've been hitting the bike trails more lately, which is good, but there's something about workout machines that motivates a little differently. I might consider the gym once I get my driver's license, but until then, I don't want to overdo it - biking to work is tiring some days, but to have to bike home after a crazy workout too? I don't want to wear my body out just yet!

So, October goals: keep up the biking, try to find an organized race so I can try for my sub-30 5k, and complete my 345-in-2011 goal. I've ran 323.44 miles so far - that means I'm at 93.75% of my goal with 88 days left in the year. I need just over 21.5 miles in October to meet my goal - I can *so* do this!

What about you? How was your September? What are your goals for October? Any races or challenges on the schedule? How does the changing season change your workout routines?


Jessica said...

I had a great September in terms of activity, but like you I am refocusing on running during October!

Kara said...

September was a tough month for me, too, in terms of eating-running wasn't so bad. October I'm re-focusing on eating fresh foods (preparing myself) and I am on a new running plan. I have my first 5k at the end of the month! I hope you have great, focused October! :D

Christie Farrar said...

Aww good luck Mary. Hope that you are able to stay on track this month. Seems like you have settled in a bit more now and things are starting to head back to normal.

Ashley said...

I'm committed to moving more this month, to finally prove to myself that I, too, can reach my goals with hard work and a little strictness. Biking has been amazing for me. My legs are still chubby, but they feel so much more powerful and even look slightly more toned since I've started biking. I love it!

I'm going to start 5K training this month. Actually, today is day one. I'm not much of a runner, but I want to feel those feelings that others have when pushing through the pain and completing their running goal. It's going to happen for me too!

Good luck to you this month!! I know you can do anything and everything you set your mind to. It's what I admire about you most. You keep pushing through. It's amazing!

Tim said...

93.75% of my goal with 88 days left in the year! That is phenomenal! You can definitely meet your goal soon.

It would be pretty cool if you completed your goal by running over the Golden Gate Bridge or somewhere unbelievable like that. Hehe, that's what I'd do anyway! ;)

Anonymous said...

September was a bad work out month for me with us being out of country for two weeks. The cruise ship had a workout room, but the a/c didn't work in it and it was hot in there. I did work out twice on the cruise though.

The changing seasons mean that I'm currently back outside for working out until it gets too cold and I have to figure out a way to stay happy while working out.

Best of luck with your October goals!

Diane, Fit to the Finish said...

I did well with the activity level for September, and hope to do a 5K in October. No marathons for me!

Nicky @ Eat, Run, Read said...

Awesome job on the 9-miler and all that biking! I'm trying to get faster so I can do a sub-2 hour 9-miler (hopefully).

Can't wait to see what races you find. It's addictive!

PS- What are you teaching at the university level? The possible growth of that university sounds like you're in an exciting position/place to be! Congrats!