October 28, 2011

Roses and thorns

This has been a pretty good week. It never fails to surprise me how wonderful it feels to eat well and exercise adequately. I biked less this week than I have in most weeks before - I even took one complete rest day! - and still managed a great loss. Perhaps because there was more of a sense of balance, because I wasn't biking like a fiend to counteract overeating and poor food choices. I made mostly good food choices. I biked. I ran. I stayed hydrated. I closely monitored my sodium intake. All that adds up to success! (Now: to just keep doing this for the rest of forever.)

(From my morning commute: fields of cotton plants, ready to harvest)

I'm weighing in at 196 for the week - a 2 pound loss. Slightly behind my Fire Up for Fall goal schedule, but I'm feeling confident that I'll be able to recoup it next week. And even if I don't make the goal on time, I'm just so incredibly pleased to have good losses two weeks in a row. It finally feels like I'm fully back on track, and I couldn't be prouder.

And it wasn't easy.

Though the weekend was, surprisingly.

And so was Monday - we had our book club meeting, and it went really well. I discussed the book like a champ and successfully avoided homemade apple pie with ice cream.

But Tuesday was incredibly stressful for some reason - I was overtired and premenstrual, and probably should have told Justin not to come over (since we had our book club on Monday, we moved our West Wing dinner date to Tuesday). I didn't feel like cooking anything fancy, so I made turkey burgers and chipotle sweet potato fries. He still loved it, and when I apologized for it being so plain, he said that it doesn't have to be so extravagant every week. I still felt like a bum, though - I wanted to cook something nice and new, but I just didn't have the energy. Then, the DVD player in my brand new TV decided to stop working. I have had this TV for barely over a month! So that bugged me. We played Wii Bowling and streamed some of "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" on Netflix (decided we liked it infinitely less than the book, and couldn't finish it), and he did his laundry - by all means, it should have been a decent evening. But I had a pudy attitude all night and it was just strange.

(More of my morning commute - so lovely!)

I sent an apology text the next morning for being so grumpy. He told me I was crazy and that I had been just fine. Then, "premenstrual" became "currently menstrual," and suddenly it all made sense, and the rest of the week went off without a hitch. Wednesday night, he cooked for me and a few of our friends from the university - it's Diwali, so he made a-freakin'-mazing homemade Indian food. All vegetarian, and all incredibly delicious.

During dinner, we all got to talking about Halloween coming up, and we had a pretty interesting discussion about candy that I'm going to flesh out in a post for tomorrow. Some preliminary research, though: what are your Halloween plans? Do you dress up? Go to parties? Avoid candy like the plague? Buy some of your favorites and ration it out?

And my biggest question: for people who have kids, what do you do with them for Halloween? Do they trick or treat? What, if any, are your rules about the candy afterwards?

Looking forward to everyone's feedback!


Spoonful of Me said...

My kids are 9 and 4 so they still go trick or treating. As for the candy once I go through it all and take out the stuff that they can't have (hard candy, ect.) I allow them two or three pieces a day for a few days and then I give the rest to their dentist who pays a dollar per pound and sends it to the troops.

Hyla said...

I have four kids. Hubby and I got married on Halloween 6 years ago, it is our favorite holiday! We took our oldest trick or treating after the wedding day, he went to 3 houses and that was enough he was so exhausted!

The kids get to eat 3 pieces of candy when they get home. Since we dont keep alot of junk in the house they are too big on candy. We have this book and I cant remember what it is called right now, but its a halooween fairy who brings a gift to the children who leave their bags of candy on the front porch for her. We started it last year and it went off without a hitch. We let the kids pick out 5 more pieces of candy from their bag for the next days and then when they woke up they had each gotten a book for their candy.

Hubby brought the candy to work, he works at the college in the library so there are plenty of people to eat it.

I had purchased trick or treat candy for Celtic's birthday party last weekend and there was some left over afterwards. I tried to stay away from it. the reeses were easy because peanuts upset my stomach, i tried the hershey bars and they just didnt taste good, but the whoopers were yummy. A few times hubby had to make me relinquish a fun size package here and there bc I kept digging into them. Right now I cant eat anything nor do i want to, so i will probably be fine for the rest of this season. I just hope I get to trick or treat with them this year!

Tim said...

I don't celebrate Halloween at all so I am fine with avoiding sweets. It's not as big in the UK as it is in the USA but more and more shops are displaying halloween themed products.

Personally I hope it doesn't become as popular over here because I just don't get it. I guess it's different in the US because you've grown up with it from an early age but over here it seems like it's being forced down our throats just so companies can make more money.

Anonymous said...

I like Halloween, but I don't get the point of it even though I'm from the US and it's such a big deal here. I don't have kids so maybe that's why it seems more and more pointless. I love pumpkins, but not jack-o-lanterns. I love crisp fall evenings, but not when kids come knocking on my door begging for candy. I love the colors orange-purple-black together, but not in the tacky little witch costumes that are all over the place.

I go to parties, adults only. I like booze, in case you didn't know. I like baking and making dips, etc. for parties and having a host who makes a fabulous 'spooky' cocktail. That works for me. That's my Halloween. I don't wear a costume, but I like seeing other people who do.

Taryn said...

I love halloween! Favorite holiday...I love the fact that it's dark and spooky and all about scaring the pants off everybody in haunted houses etc. I have a 2 and a half year old step daughter who we haven't had for halloween yet due to the visitation rotation (next year for sure though) and I can guarentee you that her candy will be rationed out as if it were the last bowl of candy left on the face of the earth. The hard part for me is that I live in a heavily populated area and am expecting between 200-300 kids...imagine the candy that's in my pantry at this very moment...oh shit I just drooled...damn

Christie Farrar said...

I actually haven't been to any parties in about 3 years which is fine.

I also haven't eaten bags of candy in 3 years. Which is also fine.

I'm currently 7 months pregnant and still not going to any parties this year lol but if I did, I'd paint up my big ol belly and go as something cool.

We live in an apartment and can do trick or treating for kids but we never do. We are sort of like... hermits. ha

marisol said...

This year so far I've been able to avoid Halloween candy. Even though it's set to work in your favor (uumm hello portion control) I do find that I am a grazer and I eat too much. I will be buying some o the dum dum pops as I enjoy those in moderation. Sometimes you need a lil bit o sweet candy.

Bluezy said...

Halloween plunder yeah! Funny how recently because of Jack Sparrow (not my favorite Depp role) pirate costumes are in. As a mother, I had no issue on the plunder and the feast of the spoils. When my kids were young, I had a handle on their activities. They hardly had "fat" issues. I would portion out dinner and snacks somewhat, but it was important that they were active. We walked and biked. I did not drive from 1994 to 2002...and when I did, I still made sure they had ample outdoor activity.
As a grandma, I see my little 5 yr old grand daughter fattening up. But this not only because she likes food, the non dieting adults have bad eating habits, she had a 9 yr old friend that she had to eat the same amount of food the 5 ft 1 girl would eat, and she does not ride that bike much because of we adults don't give her enough length to do it in. We are working on it before it becomes a real bad problem.
To keep this short: I believe as long as your daily habits are healthy, Halloween bacchanalia of candy is acceptable to me.

Oh_mg you sure inspire your readers! Thanks. Look forward to your post on Halloween!

Tammy said...

For Halloween...my boys are now 13,9,and youngest will be 8 on Nov. 3rd. The older one hasn't gone trick-or-treating in a couple of years (his choice), but still take the younger two. We go out trick-or-treating for awhile...depends on how cold it is!!LOL After we get home, I check to see that the candy is OK..that it's not open or anything. If it is or looks like it has been, I throw it away. Then we have a tradition of going to my moms' house (along with my sister and her kids) and having doughnuts, apple cider or hot chocolate and sometimes candy apples!!:) Yes, it blows my diet. My grandma used to host it, but after she passed away, my mom took over. We all look forward to it every year.:)

Greg (Transformed and Scaled) said...

We don't have any kids yet (at least none that are born, our little one makes his/her appearance in January) so we won't be trick-or-treating ourselves, but we're looking forward to dressing the little one up next year. Alas, I won't get home from work in time to hand our candy this year. Fortunately, we live in a townhouse complex, and are unlikely to get egged for it. ;)
I'm sure I'll have one or two leftover candies that people bring in to work tomorrow, but I'll try to keep it to a minimum.

financecupcake said...

I kind of answered this on your most recent post, but I'll be more specific about rules here.

Ramsey is almost three. We trick-or-treated at maybe two dozen houses tonight. I gave the suckers and Skittles and other 'big kid' stuff to my mom to hand out to other kids. Ramsey now has a bowl of chocolate candy and pretzels that I stashed on a high shelf. He had a few pieces of chocolate tonight, and he can have a few pieces each day he asks for some. I don't want to create food issues for him by implementing overly strict candy rules.