October 21, 2011

Roses and thorns

Haven't posted on a Friday in a while - still not much to report. It was 195 two weeks ago, then 201 last Friday after seeing 192 and panicking. Logging the 201 was sobering, and I ate well and moved a good amount all week to help with my recovery.

Today, I'm back down to 198, a three pound loss for the week.

I'll need to keep up losses like this if I want to make my Fire Up for Fall goal of 185 by the end of the challenge on November 21. Four and a half weeks, 13 pounds. It's a lot. But it's so important to me that I end this plateau, that I break out of the 190s for good. You see, my birthday is November 20. And making the goal by then would be the best birthday present ever. For a 5'6" female, weighing 185 pounds would mean I was overweight.

Not super obese like when I started. Not morbidly obese. Not even "regular" obese. For the first time since middle school, I'd be overweight.

The prospect of this is undeniably thrilling. It's going to take a lot of hard work, but I'm feeling very confident in myself and my ability to make this goal. I want it so badly, and that motivation, that aching for reaching a goal ... it's just what I've needed.

Getting back into a training schedule for running again has helped an awful lot. Because I am running, I've been getting back into the habit of drinking tons of water - I still drank a lot when I wasn't biking, but it was mostly at night after my commute home. Now, I have been trying harder to space the glasses out all day long, like I used to in Chicago - before breakfast, after class, after office hours, when I get home, after my run, with dinner, before bed. I have also been biking less (trying not to over-do it), and my appetite has decreased accordingly. It feels good, much more balanced.

All in all, I've had a very, very good week.

What about you? How was your week? What are your plans for the weekend? And - what do you think of my fancy schmancy new blog design? The fantastic Bobby Kane designed the avatar for me, I couldn't be more pleased with how it turned out.


Amy said...

Love the new look on the blog!!

I really struggle with water... it's one of my biggest struggles, like I just woke up and I'm thirsty. I hate waking up thirsty!!

I also had an amazing week and am feeling pretty good!

I know you can beat your plateau!!

Anonymous said...

That is quite the goal, but I know you can do it. You really kind of rock, ya know that? Get it, it's yours!!! :)

Stacey said...

My week was super duper busy and the weekend is gonna be the same but some fun things planned. My husband is in a local band and they play tonight. Tomorrow is a date night with my daughter, Taylor Swift concert. Woohoo!! So excited, I've had these tickets since April!

I know what you mean about the goals. I've had a goal of 145 for about a year now and instead of going down I was going back up. I finally got on track again, but a little set back with a sprained ankle. So no running or hiking for me. I'm hoping to get back into it soon.

Have a good weekend!! Love the new layout!

Meghan said...

You will get there! Hang in there, you've come so far!

Tim said...

I was just about to mention the new blog layout before reading this post. It looks really good. I'd love to get mine done, it's so basic and boring.

Well done on the 3lb loss. When I checked my BMI and it told me I was overweight, i was also delighted. Keep using that goal as motivation!

Ann said...

Congrats on the loss, Mary! You'll be past those 190's in NO TIME!! #Love

Carbie Girl said...

Love the new blog design.. i SO want an avatar but i will more than likely have to design one myself and who knows when that will happen lol My plans for the weekend involve going to a chocolate festival and eating responsibly. Can it be done?? lol time will tell :0) Enjoy your weekend mary!

Maren said...

Congrats on the loss this week - and WOW on the new design!!

Jill said...

Great job on your weight loss! I like your new design. We are going to the state fair tomorrow and my goal is to stay away from fried anything!!!

Greg (Transformed and Scaled) said...

Glad that you've had a good week and are getting back on track. It's not an easy thing, seeing the numbers go up and down like that. And I hear you about plateauing, it feels terrible to watch the numbers just sit there, endlessly.
Good luck getting to 185, it's a great feeling to drop down into a lower weight category!

Unknown said...

Woot loving the new blog design!

You've got this goal in the bag!

Poison said...

wow cute new page hon!

Bluezy said...

Love the Bobby Kane design!