September 23, 2011

Roses and thorns

Provided nothing went awry yesterday, I'm in Chicago right now, loving life with my friends and anticipating seeing Bobby later today. Weight was 199 on Thursday morning when I left for the office (and when I set this to publish) - it's a 1 in the hundreds place, which I'm relieved to see again, and it's movement in the right direction, so I have no complaints.

I'll be making good decisions all weekend - running with Lorelei in more humane temperatures, eating well, and hopefully some high-/low-intensity cardio intervals with my bien-aimé. (Sorry, Dad.)

Stay tuned for a recap next week, either as part of my Fire Up update on Monday or something separate another day.

Enjoy your weekend! Make as many good decisions as you can.


Carbie Girl said...

Enjoy your weekend!!! :0)

Shannon said...

Have a great time, Mary!!!

Tim said...

Have a wonderful weekend, Mary!

I bet everyone will be jealous of your sun tan!

Karla said...

So glad you are visiting Chicago, thats where yout heart is

Enjoy sweetie :)

Bluezy said...

Espérant que vous avez un bon moment dans la cité de vent, oh_mg!

I had an "idée" of what to write, but had to verify with translator, plus I can copy and paste the accented words. LOL

timothy said...

hope you're having a wonderful time sweetie! xoxoxoxoxoxoxox