September 10, 2011


I've been thinking a lot about how to regain my inspiration and motivation, and among other ideas, one thing I want to do is decide on rewards for reaching goals. I never had rewards in mind before - at first, the losses themselves were more than enough, and since I lived alone in Chicago, I generally bought myself the things I wanted and/or needed, so I couldn't think of material prizes. I live alone here, too, but so many of my things got left behind with the move. So now, I might pick out things to buy for myself/my apartment as I met my goals. I also want to have bigger rewards for bigger goals, something to really strive for.

The goals themselves need careful consideration too, I think. I don't want to just reward numeric losses - I want to celebrate non-scale victories and milestones in getting back in control over my eating disorder. Even though my weight has essentially been maintaining for the past couple of months, I just don't feel my healthiest.

Some major events I'd like to set rewards for:
  • One week binge-free
  • Two weeks binge-free
  • Three weeks binge-free
  • One month binge-free
  • Two months binge-free
  • Three months binge-free
  • Six months binge-free
  • Getting into the 180s
  • BMI dropping from obese to overweight (185 lbs.)
  • Getting into the 170s
  • Getting into the 160s
  • Getting into the 150s
  • BMI dropping from overweight to healthy (154 lbs.)
  • 200 pounds lost (145 lbs.)
  • Reaching my long-term goal (135 lbs.)
The last two are somewhat tentative, as I'm not sure what my healthy goal weight is just yet - I'll know what feels right when I get there. I just know that where I am right now is *not* it, and that something's gotta give.

So, what to do for rewards? I think something I'd really like to do is day/weekend trips. There's an awful lot of California here for me to explore, so I'd like to do a little traveling to celebrate making progress towards getting healthier.

There's a small local airport that connects to Los Angeles, so I could do longer trips too if I have more time - I'll be testing it out for the first time in less than two weeks when I head back to Chicago, though just for a weekend. One day with friends in the city, one day with Bobby, a day and a half of just traveling. Not ideal, but it's what we have to work with right now. I want to stay focused, not just for the two weeks until then, and not just because of the trip. Of course, when I see him again, I want to feel as lovely as he thinks I am - but above all else, I miss feeling healthy.

What about you? Do you plan rewards for reaching goals? How do you pick them? What are they? (the goals, and the rewards!)


timothy said...

i buy clothes in smaller sizes as needed as rewards. and for my bigger goals i'm doin a spa day, psychic reading, trip to dc, ect ect but absolutely no food rewards. i certainly don't want to focus my healthy eating and wqeightloss on a negative. food has almost become just a neccesity. i seldom enjoy it as much as i imagine i will. i can finally say i eat to live i do NOT live to eat! good luck hon im sure there are tons of fabulous things to reward yourself with in cali. xoxoxoxoxoxo

Caron said...

Being able to attend free Weight Watcher meetings is a huge reward for me and a good incentive to stay at goal. Nonethless, I still had two years when I was not at goal. Sigh.

alisonds said...

I totally used rewards to get me to where I am now. Now I've built the good habits of going to the gym regularly and (mostly) eating well, I've found that i don't need the rewards so much and the results I see are reward enough.

This is no bad thing as my rewards were getting pretty expensive (new trainers, ipod, new jeans....) probably slightly counter-productive!

Good luck, and enjoy exploring California! Post lots of pics! xxx

Taryn said...

I have a whole page dedicated to stats and goals and rewards. You can see it here:
I decided on my rewards by getting things I really want (I've incorporated some of my 30 by 30s in there as well) and having the value increase as my weight loss increases. For example, my 1st goal reward was a new set of earphones for my iPod where my last goal for 160 lbs lost is a bikini and a vacation. I feel like the more work you put in, the higher the reward should be :)

Bluezy said...

You post is very helpful to me. I am having emo issues with food that leads me to binging. I appreciate the time you took to post this!

Cali (as it is called when you are not from there as I have found out in life) has so much for sure. If you ever go to San Francisco (besides wearing flowers in your hair as the old song goes) do NOT miss The Palace of Fine Arts and visit the Exploratorium hands on science expo. Wednesdays used to be free/donation days. Ride a ferry as well as a cable

marisol said...

You already know how I feel about rewards. They are great!

Definitely explore Ca but how about doing things for you such as new clothes, a make-over or something that you wanted that perhaps you couldn't afford before.

Tim said...

I love rewards, they are a great motivation to keep pushing yourself.

These are my rewards:

I dont want to tell you what your rewards should be but a visit to France when you hit goal weight would be incredible hehe.