September 8, 2011

BTH: Week Ten

Not to be forgotten, I finally give you my Beat the Heat Challenge wrap-up!

My positive picture for the week:

Riding on one of the bike paths near my apartment:

The scale may not be budging, but I haven't stopped moving. I've got the exercise down, now just need to get back in control of my eating. Pictures like this are super motivating - my arms are looking awfully nice, something I'm proud of. My nice arms are riding a bike, something I could not have done at 345 pounds. And these arms are riding a bike in California, somewhere I am because I have become bold and courageous and more self-confident as I have become healthier. I have an awful lot to celebrate beyond the number on the scale.

My challenge wrap-up:

The eighth principle for the challenge was start something. And this week, I really feel like I made that happen.
  • I biked at least 8 miles every day (at least 10 on the days when I worked, and at least 15 on the weekend). So I'm starting to find healthy routines here in my new city.
  • I had my first driving lesson! A few laps around the apartment complex parking lot, learning which one is the accelerator and which is the brake. So I am starting to take steps towards conquering fears and being able to expand my world a little bit.
  • I did some deep thinking and made some big decisions about my relationships and the direction in which I want to be taking them. So I'm starting a new phase of my adult life, with some friendships in repair and without others at all. It's a little terrifying, to be honest, but the saying goes that when you're scared, that's how you know you're on to something big.
In previous challenges, I've had very specific goals, and it felt so good to meet them - especially weight loss related ones. I need a fall challenge so I can get back to that kind of goal setting, but I'm very pleased with how my BTH emotional weight loss challenge went. I can't say I have a single regret about the summer.

As far as my summer bucket list ... a lot of these things got pushed aside for bigger priorities. But technically, summer isn't over yet. Sixteen more days to work on my goals. I had made seven and have already finished two. I decided to let one go (the Ironman, after hurting my knee swimming), and I won't be back in Chicago in time to walk to Devon Avenue with Lorelei. That leaves writing ten letters, finishing one painting, and running a sub-30 5k. I'm going to do two of these - mark my words!

What about you? How are you feeling about your summer goals? Know of any good fall challenges coming up?


SkippyMom said...

You're arms are looking great!

I love writing letters too - I can't handwrite them anymore [too much to say, and my hands start to hurt] but I figure a good type written one is better than nothing. And with the kids in college they like to get mail.

Good luck on your challenges. I am sure, getting to know you, that you get them done! You can do it!

Laura said...

Your arms look so skinny! Great job keeping up the exercise and completing your goals. It sounds like you are on the right path.

Denise said...

Congrats on getting in the groove at your new place. I will be starting the Christmas Dress Countdown Challenge that starts on Sept. 11 and goes through Dec. 18th. You can find it at Technically you were supposed to request access to the challenge by yesterday, but there is no reason you can't do it on your own anyway. I think it will be a great motivator for me.

Heather said...

awesome picture! I didn't really reach my goals this summer, but I did enjoy the summer, and now I am trying to get my butt back in gear in terms of exercise and eating right.

Chubby McGee said...

WHOO HOOO! Go, girl! All that biking = awesome! Look at your skinny, little arm...I can't wait to have arms like that.

You inspire me!

downsizers said...

My next challenge has a link on my blog if you want to read up on it. I liked the way it was designed. I am wanting to emphasize behavior changes rather than weight loss. I just want to get below 200 and my last weight was 209. I haven't weighed for a couple of weeks so on the 18th when this one starts I may have a surprise "weighting" for me. We'll see. It lasts until Christmas so weight may come off more slowly but it will be interesting! If I get below 200 "weigh" before the end I will just reset to 190. I know - the "weigh" thing is corny by the "weigh".

Anonymous said...

That's the spirit!

marisol said...

I'm so jealous of your arms. And yes you will!