August 2, 2011

Workouts: July

On July 1, I stood on my blog soap box and declared that you could expect great things from me over the course of the month. Looking over my charts, I'm feeling quite pleased with how it all turned out. Lots of great sweats this month.

Definitely trying to channel Bitch Cakes here. I'm on my way!

I had a summer goal to make the Ironman distances for swimming, biking, and running in one month. That means 2.36 miles of swimming, 111.85 miles of biking, and 26.2 miles of running. Well, I fell short this month. I swam twice, for a total of 1.09 miles. And for the time being, I have sworn off swimming entirely. I don't have proper form, and spent over half the month nursing a misused knee. I'm stepping away from this goal for now - it's not going to happen before the end of summer - but it's definitely something I intend to come back to once I learn how to swim correctly.

For fear of increasing the knee pain, I biked exactly 0 miles this month. And I have absolutely no regrets about that. I listened to my body and did what I felt was right. August goal: get back on the bike. Anything will be progress over July's nothing.

For running, though, I logged the most monthly miles than I have yet so far - 56.62 - which brings my total miles for the year to just shy of 280, or about 81% of my 2011 goal. And I set an amazing personal record for the 8k distance at the Bastille Day race when I took nearly eight minutes off my Shamrock Shuffle time, so I'm happy with July. However, my half marathon training has been exceptionally tough - my longest run so far has been 7 miles, and it was on a treadmill so it was broken up into two runs of 4 miles and 3 miles. I keep trying to run it outdoors, but I can't seem to get distances in this humidity - it gets hard to breathe. My longest non-stop run was a 6.4 miler about a week ago, and it took almost everything out of me. I'm not sure if a half marathon this fall is a feasible goal, but I'm still going to press forward with trying to increase my distances - whether I run it this fall or in the spring or whenever, I'm going to be a half marathoner. August goal: keep running. (And - find a timed 5k so I can try for my official sub-30!)

I did 10 whole minutes of weight training this month - granted, it was ten more minutes than last month. But still, I want to be doing more. I want to tighten and tone, darn it! August goal: at least 20 minutes.

I used the elliptical a lot more this month than I did last month, and burned a total of 5750 calories on it. I've been burning between 700-1000 calories each time I use it, down from the 1000-1200 I used to see when I first started going to the gym in October - I'm also using the machines at a higher resistance/incline now than I was then. Smaller bodies burn fewer calories doing the same exercises. I have no complaints. August goal: keep up the good work.

I used the Wii Fit a few of times this month, for a total of 124 minutes and 606 calories burned. I have wanted to use it more lately, but it's too hot in my apartment - I'd rather go to the air conditioned gym and sweat on a machine there than be in my living room, sweating even before I begin my routine. No August goal for the Wii Fit, I guess - it depends on the weather. I'll do what I can.

I had six rest days in July, most of which were actual "complete" rest days since I was trying to rest my bum knee. It feels fine now, so I am confident that I made good choices with rest and exercise this month.

All in all, I think I succeeded at my July goal of making great things happen. I wish my weight loss was as good as it should have been given the exercise statistics, but I ate for maintenance a lot this month. Not to mention I ate out more times this month than I have in the past year - something that really frustrated me.

I keep talking about my scale-based frustration lately, and while I stand by my feelings of discontentment and my certainty that I could be doing a lot better, I was brought back down to earth a little by looking at my June summary and realizing I weighed 203 pounds on July 1. An eight pound loss for the month of July means two pounds a week - a healthy two pound average loss per week. I wish it were 2-2-2-2 and not 5-1-1-1, but I'm not going to split hairs. Losses are losses, and I have a plan for August to work on more consistency with them.

Meghan and I have set up a personal challenge for ourselves, as we both find ourselves frustrated with spending what feels like forever in our current "decades." Meghan is a fantastic lady - amazingly supportive, totally inspiring, and incredibly raw and honest on her blog - and I'm very excited to be working alongside her on this. I don't usually set weight-based goals, but I've been feeling lately like enough is enough - I've had enough of the 190s, and I want to be out of them by the end of August. So, we've got a little plan to help each other stay consistent and focused, and it should get us where we want to be over the course of the next five weeks. The Plan has a few components to it, from water consumption to a very reasonable calorie limit to a weekly exercise quota - plus some small food challenges and a weekly emotional workout, which I certainly need lately!

What about you? What are your workout goals for August?


Bonnie said...

I officially started the c25k yesterday morning, and on my "off" days I am doing different video workouts.

I'm trying to set a 5 day a week rule for being active and having my weekends off....we will

Good luck on your challenge, I love how they keep me motivated. I am currently in 2 as we speak!

Jessica said...

My August goal is to get back into running (did intervals last night) and get out of the 190s once and for all! :)

Shawn said...

I have several goals, but the main thing I want to do is increase my resistance while using the elliptical machine. I've pushed it up to 2.5 and I am totally winded in a short period of time...I wanna push more, so Im working on that!

Good luck with you August goals!!!

marisol said...

Good luck to you in reaching your August goals!

For the next five weeks, I will be following the 5k Your Way training plan. I want to be able to walk a 5k faster and work on my endurance.

Tim said...

You're a machine!!!! LOL

I'm looking at setting myself some more fitness/gym goals so seeing this has given me plenty of ideas!

timothy said...

sounds like you have a great plan! i joined ww and i want to hit my 5% which is 13.4 pounds. i KNOW that's more than the 2 pounds per week so we'll see. my 1st award would be 5 pounds so hopefully that will happan asap! xoxoxoxoxo