August 28, 2011

Utah, Wyoming

Like I mentioned yesterday, I will be sharing pictures from the scenic 2100+ mile road trip from Chicago to my new city in California in reverse. Enjoy!

Salt flats in Utah. I fell asleep through most of Utah, unfortunately, which I blame on a combination of my second day in the car and the delicious hummus and veggies wrap I ate in Salt Lake City while visiting a friend from college.

The Great Salt Lake. I need to go back for a proper visit.

We saw gray skies when we first got to Utah, then the highway veered left and we missed the storms entirely. Nothing but sun the whole ride out!

Tons of rocks like this in Wyoming.

Dad loved these - we even stopped the truck to get a picture.

Sunrise in Wyoming - absolute favorite part of the trip. I have about a dozen pictures of it. Incredibly gorgeous, so colorful!

Tomorrow: Beat The Heat. Stay tuned for Nebraska and Iowa on Tuesday!


Joy said...

Great pictures - looks like a beautiful road trip! Stay safe!

Taryn said...

All of your pictures are absolutely beautiful Mary!

Big Clyde said...

Mary, I just got caught up on your recent posts and all that has happened over the past few weeks! (I thought I was busy recently, but you win that prize!!).

I applaud your courage in taking the new job. What an adventure! Congratulations. We are all looking forward to your next chapter.

Jen said...

Wow - great pictures! Thank you for sharing!

Bluezy said...

You are one of my favorite success stories. I mention you to many when dieting topics come up.

I am so happy that all is going so well and in a happy direction for you!

marisol said...

You got to see some amazing places during your drive.