August 10, 2011


I've got a bit of a fluff post today, as I'm working on Part 3 of my maintenance posts; I had an interesting first date yesterday and got home late-ish, and I was too tired for my brain to properly process the thoughts. I didn't intend for them to become a series of posts, but I'm loving the catalyst for conversation they've become. This third and final one, though, might be a bit controversial, so I want to make sure it's as clear and well-articulated as possible.

I'm not sure if other sites have something like this, but on Blogger, we can check our site's stats.

You can track page views, see what posts are being read the most, and what websites people are accessing your blog from. The most interesting part, I think, is under the Traffic Sources tab, where you can see what people have looked up on search engines that lead them to your blog. The results are almost always interesting - sometimes funny, sometimes odd, and occasionally incomprehensible.

My most popular search terms are, thankfully, related to my blog's name/title - various spellings, with and without spaces, and sometimes with the word "blog" at the end. Other frequently recurring terms:
  • the Zax (a Dr. Seuss story I mentioned here in a mainly non-weight related post)
  • "for the first time in my life i see love" (the "Mike & Molly" theme song, mentioned here)
  • avocado pasta sauce (incredibly delicious, mentioned here)
  • carrot cake overnight oats (also unbelievably yummy, and on my to-make-soon list! mentioned here)
I also get some really interesting ones every now and then, which I usually post to Twitter because they can be really ridiculous or strange - the search engines pick up a word here and a word there and give my blog as a result. It's mostly funny because somewhere, someone is looking these things up:
  • spooky girl in the mirror (spooky? really?)
  • my legs are all muscle (I wouldn't say *all*, but mine are nice!)
  • p point value scrabble (it's 3! in English Scrabble, anyway...)
  • almostgastricbypass jerk (I have no opinion and no comment)
  • too good to be true examples (trust me, my story is both good and true!)
  • anchor tattoos on the top of your hands (hands are off-limits to me)
  • anchor tattoo on foot (not where my anchor is!)
  • 216 devil guy (what does that even mean?)
  • fat ugly wearing glasses girl (surely they didn't mean me...)
  • woman wore long underwear under clothes because she was cold (why else would you wear long underwear?!)
Never a dull moment around here!

What about you? Do you ever check your blogs stats? What are some interesting search terms you've seen?


Karen said...

I don't check them that often but I have discovered that way if I was mentioned somewhere online... and it drove traffic to me. Once in a forum someone talked about my blog and my "green bean fries." I'd never have known that if I hadn't wondered where the people came from. But, that said, I don't remember to look very often. My husband used to check all the time! Men and numbers.

financecupcake said...

HAHAHAHA!!! Too funny! I get a lot about peeing my pants, wearing granny panties (I don't wear them now), and eating pints of ice cream.

timothy said...

i look periodically, but not too often. i really don't get much traffic. even my followers seldom read/comment! lolol which is fine but it was fun seeing japan on the from list...really? i expected australia, new zealand, england as i have friends there but japan was a surprise. now i'm gonna have to see check the other stuff too! lolol

Anonymous said...

Mine pop up every time I pull up my dashboard to make a new post or update my stats on my sidebar. I had a similar blog several years ago and that one got some funny search hits.

Since I took a few months off recently, my traffic and searches have really died down, so nothing too interesting at the moment I'm afraid.

Myndie said...

The best search I've gotten is "hamster nipple porn" I have no idea how my blog came up with that search!! I find it pretty funny though. I think I've talked about porn and how bad it is, but I've never owned a hamster nor do I talk about nipples.

I love looking at the stats on blogger.

Anonymous said...

I had never looked at the stats before. Just did. One search was something like "Awesome Boobs"! LOL.

I don't think I will be looking there too often though. Maybe once a year for grins. I had a counter on the blog for the first week, but then I noticed (for me) I started caring whether people were coming and got scared that I would make that my focus and stop writing for myself or for my general purpose of sorting it all out so I would not get heavy again. Of course I want people to come. I want help! I am selfish that way. I want them to enjoy the blog, but cannot CANNOT give it any priority. And looking at those searches - it would depress me. People I do not know should not have that effect, but it would. Next time I look I will get hubby to look at them first. If it is bad, I will not look. Self preservation!

Christie Farrar said...

"The clown from It" crochet pattern is definitely the strangest one lately. I think it's because I crochet and also have mentioned I sometimes suffer from clown-like hair.

I also get "can you get married in minecraft?" which makes sense, since my husband and I did a YouTube series called "Married in Minecraft" and there is a tab on my blog about it.

"I got baby fever" is getting hits lately, so is "concerned stomach sticks out" (which I believe, is not only a symptom of pregnancy, but supposed to happen!)

Pretty funny stuff. Didn't you also get one that was a bible verse or something?

Tim said...

I seem to attract freaks on my blog (no offence to the non-freaks LOL)

This is a sample from this weeks keyword section:

naturist boys
fat man tickiles boy
tickling boy blog
peanuts shit
tastebud fat

marisol said...

I just checked mine and the weirdest thing on there is "schlipi". I don't have the slightest idea of what that means.

Katie Foster said...

Because of a post I wrote about finding a cell phone at a garage sale with pictures of a naked teenage girl on it, I find some really disturbing searches on my stats page. Things like, "11 year old naked girls for sale" and "naked photos of young girls" etc. It's sickening, really.

Some funny ones: "naked lady running gallery" (I assure you, I've never run naked, and if I did, I'd never post pictures!); "which cookie to eat with marshmallows" (Um, cookies+marshmallows, could you even go wrong?!) ;)

Jennie Palluzzi said...

Good ones from both my blogs:

ladies chatting kitchen
hanson on jimmy kimmel
griffith observatory hipsters
puff pastry and tomato and cumin

Pirate Alice said...

I had a post on my main blog a very long time ago about problems my X's dog was having. So a lot of hits came from "bleeding dog penis" which amused me to no end.
Currently my blog is getting a ton of hits off a post I wrote about Google Music vs Spotify. For some reason my diet blog is getting hits on the movie Submarine, and Chicago Diner Tostadas.