August 5, 2011

Roses and thorns

With the internet in my apartment down for the better part of this past week, I've been getting a lot accomplished. I headed to the university library a few days to write articles and enjoy the air conditioning. I had some great workouts, including a pretty good run where I got awkwardly sunburned around my iPod armband. And I've deep cleaned pretty much my entire apartment - I'll be finishing up today, and that's something to tick off on my 101-in-1001 list!

(My bed still isn't made yet, though. It's 6:30 a.m., I can only be so wonderful right now. I'm too tired to even put my glasses on.)

The cleaning started because I was frustrated, and continued because I realized it was incredibly necessary. I'm not usually very messy, but I've been so lazy lately - my laundry from Monday was still piled on the couch until last night when I finally put it all away! Another part of the mess problem is that my neighborhood doesn't have the cleanest air, so having the windows open all the time makes everything dusty very quickly.

It's a good thing that I started tidying up, too, because this morning I have a girl coming to check out the apartment to rent my spare bedroom! She is a French exchange student who will be attending the university where I teach. I hope she's a nice girl - she sounded very kind in her email. We're the same age, both quiet, and she said she will be busy with studying and teaching but is also looking forward to exploring her new city. I'm a little nervous, because I never had good luck with roommates in college - I somehow ended up in a suite with seven girls who were all only-children and had never shared a space before. This girl mentioned in her email that she lived with four roommates in Dublin a few years ago, so I'm hopeful.

The other good thing about all this cleaning and reorganizing is that it's kept me active - I took two rest days in a row this week, one because it was too hot to function and the other when I got my temporary bad news from my boss and I knew any attempt at a workout would've been a flop. But moving my office into my bedroom and cleaning everything up kept me moving and out of the kitchen (unless it was the kitchen I was mopping and dusting at the time).

This week's weigh-in is a good one: I'm at 192 today, a 3 pound loss for the week. Finally! More than one pound! My week started tough, but apparently the decade challenge with Meghan is just what I needed. It's going really well so far! I'm so glad - I'm dying to get out of the 190s. I've been here for what feels like forever. I couldn't think of any way to celebrate my 150 pound loss, and I was too overwhelmed with life whatnot to throw the rebirthday party I'd dreamed of for six months or so, but finally getting into the 180s definitely calls for some sort of reward, I think!

What about you? Do you have rewards scheduled for reaching weight loss goals? (If so, what are they? I need some ideas!) What are you looking forward to this weekend?

Also - I'm super behind on blog reading - I usually clear out my Google Reader before bed, and it's just been piling up for days ... over 200 unread posts right now. So I'll attack that at the library this afternoon. Any particularly good posts from this week that I shouldn't miss?


Jessica said...

I got a strange sunburn recently from my ipod too! I usually clip my ipod to my tank...and so I had a strange little square on my boob :) haha

Arwenn said...

For my first 50 lbs I bought a new purse, which is nice but the next couple of rewards are going to incorporate the new size I'll be when I get there.

At 100 lost I'm going with a friend to rent a canoe for the day. That is something that I used to enjoy doing but haven't wanted to do because of my weight.

At 150 lost which will hopefully be fairly close to goal, I think I'm going to go to an amusement park. I used to love roller coasters and I haven't been for years and years because of my size.

Anonymous said...

Best of luck with the roommate situation!

timothy said...

of course my woo-friggin-hoo is a MUST read! LMAO good luck with the roomie sounds fun, you can learn a lot from other cultures.
as far as my rewards when i get to wonderland i'm gettin a spa day!
when i get to goal i'm throwing out ALL my clothes and going shopping.
i've said at 20 pounds i was having wings (allowed on atkins) but since i switched to weight watchers that goal may get rethought. hmmmmmm now i'm gonna have to set new ones too! lol

Corryn said...

Woohoo, you're *this close* to the 180s!!

I rewarded myself with a new sundress after 20lbs, and will be getting my first tattoo after the next 20. :o)

I love the rebirthday party idea. Go for it!

Meghan said...

WOOHOO!!! You KILLED it this week!!! We are both getting sooo close to a new decade.

I'm going to FL Wed-Sat so breaking into the 220's is motivation to stay on track!!!

Tina said...

Just subscribed to your blog. Love it very much. I really love the highlighted blogs you did. Made it much easier to get caught up. My rewards are new earrings, new sunglasses, day at the spa, new purse, new watch, new outfit. The big reward when I reach my goal it this ring I have been wanting for years.

Princess Dieter aka Mir said...

As someone who has had maybe 3 or 4 times my whole life where I lost 3 pounds in a week or more, congrats. A great loss. NOT a small loss. ; )

I loved the shadow pic. I meant to comment on it when you posted and got sidetracked. I love looking at my shadow when I walk these days. It's so...not like old me. It's refreshing to see a normal shadow, not a round one. One with a female, normalish shape. :D

Happy weekend!

100 in 11' said...

You keep getting hotter and hotter! You look so darn cute in this pic!!

Just sayin'. ;)

Rusti said...

I love your picture! So cute!
I wouldn't normally do this but since you asked would you please read this post of mine:

i would highly respect and appreciate your input.
Thank you,

Anonymous said...

I don't have a reward shedule, really, beacuse I find it kind of weird to buy myself things. I don't know why I have a hang-up about that. Instead, I took something that was going to happen in the future anyway (my cell phone upgrade) and basically "took it away" until I get to my goal. I am due for a phone upgrade in January, which I was going to be getting anyway...but I made a deal with myself that I won't be getting a new phone until I reach a certain weight. I guess that way, instead of just getting a new phone, I will have earned it. If I am there by January, awesome! If I'm not...then I have to wait.

I have tried offering myself rewards in the $50 to spend on new clothes or something, but then when the time came to cash in, I just felt weird and guilty about it and ended up not doing it. I can't really explain it. Taking away something I was going to get anyway until I reach a goal seems to work much better.

Andrea Ward said...

Congrats on your 3 pounds!! That's really good for being this far along. Keep it up!!

So far I have lost 20.4 pounds so I really haven't had the need (per se) to reward myself. However, in November when I hit my "half way there" number (60 pounds) I will be treating myself to a spa day. Not only have I always wanted to do that but it is something on my 101 in 1001 list. In February 2012 I want to have lost 80-90 pounds and I really am not sure what I want for that. April 2012 I want to be at 100 pounds. For this one I want to get a makeover. July 7th 2012 is the day of my wedding and I want to be 120 pounds down!! My reward will be $1000 to go and buy a whole new wardrobe. (I really cannot wait for that)

I am not doing much this weekend but today I ran my first mile in 9 years!! My time was 14:52 which was good for me. I was shooting for less than 15 minutes. Now at least I know where I start so that I can get better.

I hope you have a great weekend!

marisol said...

That's an awesome loss Mary! So happy for you.

I can sympathize with the roommate situation. My first college roommate was an only child and she did not know what the word compromise meant. Had a lot of headaches with that one. I hope this girl works out.

My next short term goal is to reach 70 pounds by the end of August. That means I have to lose 10.8 pounds. Can I do it? I hope so. If I do, I will purchase another Do Life shirt & sticker since part of the proceeds go towards a great organization. If I don't, then the $$ I would have spent on the shirt & sticker will go to the organization anyways. Either way it wins!

Tim said...

3lb lost? High five!

I've also got SO many blogs to go through (which is what I am doing now). Seriously, people need to start writing crappy posts because I end up following too many blogs and enjoy reading them all! LOL