August 7, 2011

The Intrepid Chefs

I don't have a new recipe for this week (though I have been mildly obsessed with something new I tried lately, Katie's broiled sweet potato fries. So simple, but so good!).

For today, I'd like to announce the super exciting launch of the recipe challenge blog I talked about recently! The working title was "Slim Pickins," but something about that didn't seem entirely right to me. But while I was running the other day, a new name stuck in my head: the Intrepid Chefs.

The blog site is - I might self-host it if it turns out to be a successful project, but for now, this is just fine, I think. Though, I would like the site to look less Blogger-y, if that makes sense. I need to fiddle with it a little more, but with my home internet still a little wonky (grumble, grumble), I haven't been able to do as much as I would like.

"Intrepid" is a terrific word - my friends and I became somewhat obsessed with it after seeing the movie "Elizabethtown" and hearing Kirsten Dunst's character reassure Orlando Bloom's character by offering the idea that "we are intrepid - we carry on." As I explained in the first test post on the site:
"Intrepid" means "characterized by resolute fearlessness, fortitude, and endurance" - we're a group of people who are unrelenting in our pursuit of living healthy lives. Part of that is making sure we properly nourish our bodies; in order to succeed at this, we want to build up our recipe collections as best we can with delicious, satisfying, and healthy meals we can prepare for ourselves, our families, and our friends.
If anyone is interested in participating, please email me at as soon as possible - ideally, I'd like to send out the first challenge ingredient email by noon tomorrow so people can work on recipes all week and submit them by midnight on Saturday. My theoretical publishing schedule for the site is to have people submit their recipes by Saturday night, do an interesting write up on the ingredient for Sunday, and then share everyone's recipes throughout the week (frequency based on how many submissions I get - I don't want them to be posted one after the other and have someone's great work get overlooked or lost in the shuffle!).

If people would like to follow the project but not necessarily participate, there's a tool on the site where you can subscribe to posts via email - if we update the site, it gets sent to your inbox. I have it set up here on my own site, too, per the request of a few readers, and it's great.

So, here we go on this new venture. Just thinking about how fantastic this project could potentially be makes me all sorts of happy. I love cooking, and I love the idea of sharing new recipes with each other. I hope people actually participate so I'm not the only one posting things over there!

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Sharon said...

I lived in the town most of Elizabeth town was filmed!