August 27, 2011

California, Nevada

Still working on getting settled around here. I started tracking on MyFitnessPal again yesterday and felt incredible after a great on-plan day. As far as blogging ... I have a lot of ideas and not too much time right now. So, for the next couple of days, I'm going to share pictures from the scenic 2100+ mile road trip from Chicago to my new city in California ... in reverse. That way, I'll end up a couple weeks back and in Chicago, with stories to share from before I left. Enjoy!

Getting closer to my new city - not quite Chicago, as you can see. Very agricultural. Looking forward to the fall pick-your-own season, for persimmons and pecans and a whole world of picking beyond apples.

Just over the border in California, I-80 takes you through the Sierra National Forest. Unbelievably gorgeous.

Reno. We didn't stop.

Mountains in Nevada.

And mountains.

And more mountains.

The view was amazing - the sky stretches for what looks like forever.

Tomorrow: Utah, Wyoming


Karen said...

We just drove from Kansas thru Colorado, Utah, and Nevada, to California. Beautiful! And coming home we did a different route through Arizona and New Mexico. Also beautiful.

Caron said...

We lived in Reno for a year. Funny little town that thinks it is big. :)

Tim said...

I love pics like this because it looks so different to where I live and what i've seen.

I'm looking forward to seeing the rest :)

Karla said...

We are neighbors now!!!