August 8, 2011

BTH: Week Six

My positive picture for the week:

The heat finally broke a little yesterday morning and I did my first non-interval long run in ... way too long. Eight glorious and scenic miles, starting at home in the Mexican neighborhood, heading east through an industrial district, north through University Village and Greektown, west through the medical district, then south through Little Italy and back home.

It's a personal record for distance, and it's a good sign that the half marathon might still be feasible. I've been worried, with the heat affecting my long runs and all.

What have you done this week to help you achieve your goals?

This past week, I continued to work on goal #4 - start scaring yourself. I made great plans for things to do, but life got in the way of them a bit. For example, I found a free event in the park that meets every weekend - they offer an hour of lessons for various kinds of dances, then two hours of live music for dancing! Unfortunately, though, this was the one weekend all summer when the event doesn't take place because there was a music festival in the park. Same for the free yoga and Zumba in the park on Saturday mornings. And I made plans to wear a bathing suit in public and go to the beach with a friend of mine, but we got rained out. I feel good about the goal, though - I've found the things to do, now I just need to go do them! This week is another week.

I also worked on goal #5 - stop taking it all so damn seriously. Stanier's explanation of this is as follows:
In this moment, is it a life or death situation? In 10 years, will you remember what you're fretting about? In 100 years, will anyone care? So lighten up - this too shall pass.
I thought about this a lot this week, especially as I thought about the struggles I've had with my eating in the past month or so. I fell back into the old habit of letting bad choices snowball into multiple ones because I felt guilty. Some days, I am hungrier than others. An apple or a banana or a handful of grapes will not undo all the hard work I have done - I need to listen to my body and feed it appropriately instead of denying it and then going crazy, losing control, and overdoing it way worse than if I ate the fruit to begin with. In ten years - heck, in ten days - this apple won't matter ... but the residual effect of the guilt will linger. So I'm focusing on preparing my maintenance mind for letting go of the guilt - my overall mantra is "everything balanced," and there's no place on my life's scales for the weight of guilt.

What have you done this week to make you feel fabulous?

I got my eyebrows and lip waxed. Nothing makes me feel lovelier than not looking gentlemanly for a few weeks!

Do you feel you get everything out of your life? Would you like to change things or are you happy where you are?

Generally, I'm really happy with my life. I'm glad this question came up this week, because as it works out, Thursday is my one year blog anniversary. I'm so grateful for all the advice, support, and love I have found here. When I was cleaning under my bed the other day, I found a note I had written myself last summer on the inside of a candy wrapper I got when my family was out here visiting for my MA graduation. I don't remember the context, and I'm not sure of my intended audience:
i tell lies almost constantly to distract you all from the truth, which is that i am alone.

fat, pathetic, and alone.

too weak to change, too cowardly to pull the trigger.
As tough as it is for me to look at old pictures and recognize myself in the image, it's even harder to reread these words and accept myself as the author. It's hard to believe that things weren't always this good.

There are tough days still, for sure, and there are things that could be better, but overall, I wouldn't trade where I am right now for anything. I have tough days food-wise and days when I don't feel much like exercising, but all in all, I'm doing incredibly well with properly taking care of my physical self. I'd like a steady full-time job, but right now I'm learning about how to live frugally and appreciate things fully. I'd like everything to be peaceful with my family, but I can't get upset over situations I can't control. Everything works out the way that it's meant to.

What's your ultimate favourite food? Is it healthy? Can you make it healthy?

I don't know if I could pick just one, to be honest. Classic comfort foods for me are usually cheesy. One of my personal favorite healthy recipe swaps is from Jack: when making mac 'n' cheese, exchange the macaroni for cauliflower ... and then instead of cheese, use more cauliflower. I think my favorite *real* healthy recipe swap, though, is my baked chicken parm - it's delicious but doesn't leave me feeling like there's a brick in my gut from being deep fried and then covered in too much cheese.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

A teacher, for sure. There are few things that make me happier than standing in front of a room of kids and seeing lightbulbs go on over their heads. But also, I really want to be a wife and mother.


Anonymous said...

I can't even begin to imagine running 8 miles at a 10/11 minute pace! If I run ONE mile, it's like a 15 minute pace...and that's if I can ever get through the whole thing. I would love to do a half marathon (ok, actually I would love to do the whole thing) but the distances involved in the training freak me out but I guess I don't have to worry too much because I am nowhere near that yet. I will worry about that later ;).

I need to work on not taking it all so damn seriously, too. I tend to overthink things sometimes and it gets in way!

Thanks or the great read this morning :)

Weight Wars said...

Amazing Run! Your half marathon is so within reach. Amazing.

Shannon said...

Wow, what a great run, Mary!! That's really awesome!

'In this moment, is it a life or death situation? In 10 years, will you remember what you're fretting about? In 100 years, will anyone care? So lighten up - this too shall pass.'

I needed to see this today, so thank you for posting it!

Tim said...

haha, love the mac 'n' cheese suggestion from Jack. So funny!

Jen said...

WOWZA on that run! You got this :)

timothy said...

you are amazing! glad you had a good run and looking back can show us how far we've come and evolved, it helps keep us focused and moving forward! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Andrea Ward said...

Congrats on the run and the ompf to run the half marathon. I ran my first mile in 9 years in 14:52. I figure that's pretty good since I am still 100 pounds overweight. It can only get better from here. I used to love running and I cannot wait to get back to loving it again. I even resisted a "pig out" day today. Man I really wanted junk food today too.