July 8, 2011

Roses and thorns

So far, July has been exceptionally good. I've been attacking my workouts, eating on-plan, and trying to stay incredibly positive in the face of continued joblessness and (now augmented) family problems. As odd as it may sound, I'm really proud of how much I cried this week. I felt my feelings, I didn't eat them, and as of this morning, I'm binge-free for over a week. I couldn't be prouder of myself right now.

Just as I had hoped, the results reflect my efforts: I'm logging a 5 pound loss for the week, putting me back at my lowest recorded weight of 198. I'm back in onederland, and I'm here for good this time - mark my words. The next couple of days will be the toughest as I push myself to reach lower numbers without panicking, stalling, and/or backtracking. I'm up for the challenge - looking forward to it, even. I've rediscovered my motivation, and it feels incredible.

My loss for the week likely could have been even more, but I've had to take it easy for most of the week since my knee was bothering me. I love swimming but I have very poor form, and after a couple of days in the pool, the side of my left knee was aching. Not injured, per se, just sore from misuse/overuse. I took some ibuprofen to get through the Do Life run (and took it easy to prevent hurting myself further - imagine if I had gone my fastest!), then took a complete rest day. It was torture having to sit still all day - I didn't even let myself walk anywhere, probably took 30-50 steps that day - but I wanted to make sure I was putting the least strain on it as possible, so I clipped recipes out of a pile of old magazines and watched The Golden Girls all day. Lovely.

Today it's feeling pretty much back to normal, and I'll be heading to the lake for a run tonight. I'm still putting together my training schedule for the half marathon, so I don't have a mileage goal for today - just whatever I feel like doing. I've been running at night to get acclimated to the temperature/conditions before next week's 8k race. I'm running with Lorelei, so I'm not sure if I have a speed goal. I'd like to finish in under 50 minutes - I know I can do it, but I also know that Lorelei can't, so I might forego a personal best in order to finish the race with her. She refuses to run without her iPod, though, so running with her isn't so much about keeping each other company as just not losing her. I don't know, we'll see what I end up doing.

Some inspiration this week:

1. Fitting into my rebirthday dress over three weeks ahead of schedule. It's a little snug, but it's on and zips the whole way.

Three more weeks of staying focused and on-plan should make it perfect by the 31st!

2. Finally getting a new pair of glasses! My old ones were stretched out to fit my face at its biggest, and I was getting frustrated by how much bigger they made my face feel. I found an amazing Fourth of July deal, though, so I broke down, moved some money around, and got a pair like I've always wanted.

Always loved this style, but it didn't work with my face at its biggest. Now, though, I totally love it.

3. I'm still sort of in awe of the night of the Do Life run, to be honest. It was so inspirational, seeing so many other people who are working hard and kicking so much butt - with weight loss, with running, with everything. This picture is from the Do Life Facebook page, and I love it. Ben and I were sitting the same way and we talked about it being a great NSV. Even more awesome, though, is the group crowded around me, asking about my weight loss story.

I wasn't going to stick around that night - Lorelei left early, I was going to head home right after the run to have my salad and hit the hay early. I was thanking Ben for his advice before the Shamrock Shuffle when he sat down on the sidewalk and told me
Have a seat - you're not going anywhere.
And I did. And I'm so amazingly glad. It was so nice to meet other local runners and weight loss bloggers, and we're already planning on meeting up again for races (a few of us will be doing the Bastille Day race next Thursday). It feels great to know more people in the city, especially folks I can run with.

What about you? Who/what has inspired you this week?


Kelliann said...

YOU inspired me this week. So thank you. Feeling your feelings and not eating them is a HUGE accomplishment. I find, when I get down to a new "smallest" I freak, backtrack and gain a few before getting myself together and keep moving forward. You won't fall into that trap this time, and neither will I! Go girl!!

Ann said...

I love this post and am SO GLAD you are feeling your feeling!!

Jillian said...

I've been attacking my workouts, eating on-plan, and trying to stay incredibly positive in the face of continued joblessness and (now augmented) family problems.

This. Seriously, Mary, you are doing SUCH an excellent job staying positive, especially in your blog. I don't know -exactly- how you feel, but I'm sure we have very similar feelings. I've been unemployed since March, and I'm stuck in my family craziness and just watching the money go. And I whine about it. A LOT. You don't. You might mention it here and there, but you're not one big bitchfest, so this week, my goal is to BLM (Blog like Mary, duh). No more whining, because, you know, you're managing, so I can suck it up and manage too.

Also--that dress is incredibly adorable. Congratulations!

Kelly said...

Love the dress, and loooovvee the glasses!!!

What's inspired me this week? You. You have shown me that I can and will get there, even if I have some bumps in the road. Love your honesty, love your blog!

Unknown said...

Your new glasses really suit you, looking gorgeous in them! I have glasses envy!

Anonymous said...

Good job! That dress is hot! I love it, and you look fantastic in in it.

I'm toying with the idea of meeting up with the group for our "Do Life" run here in Houston Sunday. Only thing is, I know I can't run 5k yet. But still, would be awesome to meet Ben and get the same inspirational experience you did. I'm thinking about it.

timothy said...

you are on a roll sweetie. great great great stuff! LOVE the dress it's totally smokin and the glasses are sooooo cool. glad you're taking care of YOU! have a GREAT weekend ! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Hyla said...

Congrats on the loss! I LOVE the glasses! Where did you find them?

Katie Foster said...

Love the glasses!! They look great on you! And the dress is super cute :)

Sarah said...

Your glasses are awesome. I love changing styles!

Tim said...

It's great that you've made some new friends on your Do Life day, it must be nice to be able to explain your story to people face to face who are going through similar things to you.

The only thing thats inspired me this week is a programme i watched on TV about Afghanistan and how their people are coping through the war. Despite fighting happening left, right and centre, it's amazing to see people feeling so positive towards their country and its future.

Bluezy said...

The glasses look "très chic"!
I wish I would of had the cateyes from the 60's my sister wore. They are hard to find the cateyes for sunglasses.

marisol said...

I really want to go to the Do Life run in SF in a couple of weeks but I am afraid. I am afraid that I am too big and that I will be the only one walking and be the last one finishing. I am worried that I won't finish. I have all these negative thoughts that prevent me from going. Sigh...

You look fantastic in your dress and those glasses totally look awesome on you.

And who has inspired me this week? Well you have. :)