June 20, 2011

SFC: Week Twelve

My positive picture for the week:

Totally wiped out and drenched in sweat after my first spinning class - one of my five new things!

I loved it, I'll definitely be going back for more.

End-of-challenge wrap up:

1. Get to onederland.
Goal met! And not a moment too soon, jeez. The last ten pounds were the toughest of all since I started to get healthier last summer, seriously. Lots of mental roadblocks and emotional walls that needed to be broken down.

2. Cut back on scale dependency.
I consider this goal met - I still weigh daily, but I've been doing a really great job of not letting it make or break my day. In spite of slowed weight loss lately, I've had an awful lot of NSVs to celebrate, and I know that I feel fantastic every day that I do my very best, so whatever the number on the scale says can't possibly make me feel otherwise.

3. Log 220 biked miles.
Goal met! I biked 15.5 miles this week, for a challenge total of 220.5 miles (or 100.2% of my goal).

4. Log 60 minutes weekly on Wii Fit.
Goal not met. I didn't make it most weeks - though I did this last week! Figured I'd finish strong. I think this is a good winter challenge goal, but with the weather so nice, I often chose long walks over Wii Fit, especially since it burns more calories and gets me out of the house.

5. Complete three of my 101-in-1001 goals.
Goal met! I actually completed ten, with one more knocked out this week: #87 (Wash the dishes every time I use them for a whole week). Awesome!

6. Try five new things.
Goal met! My five things were:
  • Ran "silent" [without my iPod] several times
  • Walked to the library instead of taking the bus or the train
  • Used the "other" gym (the university has two, but I've only ever used the less fancy one)
  • Tried a spinning class (felt the burn, loved it)
  • Went semi-public with my blog (a few friends read it - as does my dad, who called me up and had the greatest conversation after he read all the suggested "getting to know me" entries from the My Story page - not sure how frequently they read, but they're out there!)

7. Make a plan for summer and fall.
I'm going to consider this goal met - even though I don't have anything set in stone yet, I have been applying to several jobs a week and have made a lot of progress with planning some of the major decision making that will need to happen soon. I'm still nervous and anxious and stressed, but not so completely overwhelmed by it all. Someday I'll look back on this summer and smile - I was broke and unnecessarily worried about a future that ended up working out perfectly for me.


Joy said...

Great job! You are making stuff happen!! Way to go!

Stay focused!!!

Unknown said...

I have to say how much I value your attitude about your so far unknown future. You are being so mindful about the whole thing and you are right about everything working out. It's the control we seek (at least it is with me) but with every situation I faced where I had zero control yet it worked out, just reaffirmed that we tend to just get in the way sometimes and need to let life run its course. Hang in there and enjoy your life :)

Sarah said...

Way to go on meeting some of your goals! What a rockstar to log 15 miles on your bike! Amazing, I need to buy a bike and start biking again.

everdream said...

Hey, wow, you did a great job and you are so enthuastic. I love your attitude. It is really inspiring.

Anonymous said...

High Five for doing so well on the challenge!

The part about your dad brought tears to my eyes. How unexpectedly perfect for both of you.

And Number 7. You have the right attitude. Plug away, stay positive and even if parts of it suck or are unbelievably stressful or disheartening eventually it passes and later you have something to build on.

You are not just a survivor but a thriver.

I'll tell you this. You got the "What do you do when you are faced with an obstical?" question nailed. You embody fortitude.

High five indeed Onederlander.

Sable Weisman said...

Your attitude and outlook are SO so so spot on it's insane!

And mannnn do you look wiped after spin!! Spin is the one thing that always kicks my butt.

Jess said...

GREAT job with your goals!!! :)

Karen said...

Wow - good for you! And the first time I tried spinning I hated it. My heart was beating so fast. It was a couple of years before I got up the courage to try again and that was because I had a friend willing to go with me. Now... love it.

ChiChi said...

Good job on kicking ass with this summer challenge!

financecupcake said...

You are too cute! I love seeing pictures of you along your journey. You look great! Nice job working that challenge, woman! You should be pretty darn pleased with yourself.

Kelty said...

Awesome! Do you ever think about the quote 'a year ago you'll wish you had started to day'? You've come so far! It's crazy to think that if a year ago you'd known how far you'd come you'd be soooo shocked and excited! Enjoy it! :D

CarolineCalcote said...

I love #7. You will definitely look back on your "salad days" (ha, in more way than one!) wistfully even though I know it is stressful right now.

One of my New Year's resolutions was to try spinning. With everything that I do, how can I still be afraid of spinning? I'm definitely going to do it this summer, when running outside is next to impossible. There is an RPM (Les Mills version of spining, the same people who do Bodypump, Bodyflow, etc) on Wednesdays, and I plan to try it next week. Not today, as I'm going to bike to the gym since I have no kids and can't bike there in time for spinning. Anyway...you are inspiring once again!

Anonymous said...

You did really good! I love the picture too, it totally made me smile.