June 9, 2011


Back in the end of December, I decided that my overall themes for 2011 were balance and consistency. 2010 was a year of transition, and as I embarked on a new page in the calendar, I wanted to make sure I kept these two goals at the front of my mind.

Something I noticed about my 10k run time was that there was a column called "split." I had no idea what that meant, so I looked it up. A split is a certain distance in a race - you might check your time at every mile, for example. At the Race for the Zoo, they had a split tracker at mile 3, and it recorded my time as 31:55. My overall per mile pace for the race was 10:39 - and my per mile at the split?

Sweet, sweet consistency. It's a seemingly little thing, but I like the message. Don't start strong and then have to struggle to finish, but don't start too slow and then have to book it to the end. Make a consistent effort throughout.

What about you? Do you prefer making a consistent effort, or do you work better with your own unique sense of balance?


Denise said...

I like to be consistently inconsistent. *grins* Example: When on the treadmill I use the interval program. When there is no incline I am walking faster and then when the incline goes up I slow it down. It is slightly incosistent but in the end very consistent. I like do a variety of different cardio exercises in the week but trying to consistently go 4-6 days a week.

Unknown said...

Just found your blog... lok forward to following!

Life as a Caterpillar said...

Consistency is the key to making this journey a success, isn't it?

It's something i am constantly battling with, i need to remain consistent with my exercise and meal planning, because, when i let things slide because i am tight on time, those are weeks i don't do great on weight loss. So i tell myself, whatever i am doing,even if it's just a daily walk, i have got to be consistent about it, because 3 days on /2 days off just won't cut the mustard!

Great Post

Anonymous said...

If only I was consistent. Merely considering trying to be consistent raises my BP. Yes. It does. I can feel it. My life is a series of hills and dales. One day I will work on consistency. Oh who am I kidding? I apparently like wacky fits and starts.

But I admire it. Forever trudging forward no matter the headwind. It is very comforting.