May 18, 2011


As part of Bombshell Bootcamp, a few weeks ago we did an exercise where we were given $1000 and a list of 25 values and told to place bids on them as if it were an auction. These were things like good self-confidence and personal growth, a good education, and a financially comfortable life. We all submitted our bids, then found out which of the values we "won."

While making my spending choices, it surprised me how few of them I was willing to not bid on. There weren't one or two things I was willing to put the whole $1000 on - I spread my money thin, I wanted it all. My only non-bids were owning a possession of great value and a beautiful home in the setting of your choice ... both of which deal with material goods.

The rest were all bid on in denominations of $25, $50, and $100 - the two I decided to spend the most on were a long and healthy life and a life with meaning, purpose, fulfillment. Interestingly enough, though, I didn't win either of those two. The values I did win, however, are still related and in line with my current and long-term life goals. My values:
  • A meaningful love relationship

  • Continuing to learn and gain knowledge

  • A physical appearance which I can be proud of

  • Freedom to live your life as you want

  • An enjoyable, leisurely life

  • Unlimited travel, fine foods, entertainment, recreational and cultural opportunities

  • A chance to develop creativity or potential in any area
Our next step was to make goals based on our values. Contemplating these has been the focus of my quiet self-reflection lately. Above all else, I want to work on being proud of my physical appearance. I am not currently coupled, but I'm working on strengthening my non-romantic relationships, especially with my best friend Jill and my sisters. I've related "freedom to live my life as I want" to my relationship with my parents and how dependent I believe myself to be on their approval, even as an adult. Financially, I am not in a position to travel or go out without limits, but that doesn't mean I can't make the most of what is available to me and enjoy within my ability.

These are all aspects of living a healthy, satisfying, and meaningful life, and sitting down quietly for a few minutes every day to think about them and how what I do/do not do gets me closer to/further from my goals is incredibly helpful with exercising my emotional weight.

What about you? What values would you be willing to spend your money on in an auction? Health? Appearance? Religion? Education? Possessions?


timothy said...

hmmmmm knowledge would be high, metaphsical power would be too (not to be confused with corrupt power)

Ann said...

wow - I would pick my ultimate goal of living a healthy, happy, active life.

Jules said...

Thanks for the SHOUT! I love this exercise!

Anonymous said...

What a neat activity! Bummed that my work web filter won't let me look at Jules' blog, but I think I get the idea. My top pick would definitely be a life with meaning, purpose, fulfillment. However, it's hard not to place just as much value on having an appearance I can be proud of, and a meaningful love relationship. I suppose many of these things can be part of one package. A meaningful life for me would include love, self-confidence, etc.

Amy said...

Oh if only we could get all those things for $1000!

A meaningful love relationship is so important! I would definitely spend good money for that... and many of the things you also got!

Also... a life with meaning, purpose, fulfillment.