April 5, 2011

Workouts: March

By now, April is in full swing, so it's time for my March fitness wrap-up!

Compared with my end of February totals, I was a lot more active in March. Of course, there were no blizzards in March, no family crises, and three more days on the calendar...

Of 31 days, six were complete rest days (two of those were my trip to St. Louis), plus two days with just some Wii Fit.

I used the Wii three times in March, which isn't a lot, but compared with only once in February, it's an improvement. Not having the nunchuck is still my excuse - my mom and brother will be bringing it with them in a week and a half when they get here, so that will help me make good on my SFC goal of using the Wii for an hour a week.

I had a similar experience with my strength training - I am gradually increasing from month to month, but I really would like to do more. I'm actually pretty okay with the way my arms are turning out (and goodness knows I'm completely in love with my legs), but I definitely want to start focusing on my ab muscles - that's where my skin is the loosest and I'm starting to get a little self-conscious about it.

I did not use the pool at all in March or February - my last swim was January 30 - so that's one of my goals for April: get back in the water! I have been looking around for a new bathing suit since the whole reason I stopped swimming was because my old suit was hanging off me and I didn't want to show off my bum. I found a super cute one from Lands End, and I even went downtown to Sears to try it on ... but it's really hard to justify spending over $100 on something that won't fit in a couple of months, even if it is adorable and polka-dotted. So I'm going to check out Target this weekend.

I biked 81.5 miles in March, up from 67.8 in February (and 62.9 in January). A half-Ironman biking distance is 55.92 miles - the full is 111.85 - so while I am still not at full distance, I'm doing very well and getting closer! 81.5 miles is nothing to complain about - that's even longer than if I ran from one side of the state of Connecticut to the other! (Or nearly three Delawares!)

As I predicted in the end of February, I caught up on my goal to run 345 miles in 2011 - and I even got a little ahead by the end of the month! I logged 37.42 miles in March, which brought my year-to-date total to 88.75 miles, or 25.7% of goal. Longer Sunday runs helped a lot, and those will help me in April too, since I will be jumping right into training for my 10k race in June after my 8k race next Sunday. Here is the training schedule I put together for myself and Lorelei (my running buddy with whom I am also running the Shamrock Shuffle next week):

we CAN do this!
It isn't a ton of time, but I'm okay with that. The distance increments seem do-able: my 8k training schedule had me increasing quarter miles every other Sunday, but I planned this one to increase every Sunday but a shorter distance. And if I have to walk during the race, I'll walk - the last thing I want is to blow out my knees or otherwise injure myself!

What about you? Do you keep track of your workouts? What exercise goals or plans do you have on deck for April?


Michele Thomas said...

I definitely keep track and plan them. Big Goals on Deck for April: Flying Pig 10K in Cincinnati on April 30th. Definitely a big goal.

Amy said...

You must be so excited for the 8K!

I definitely don't keep track, but the app I use for running keeps track of the intervals I've done, which is kind of nice!! My April is all about training for the 5K. I won't be running the entire thing, but 10:1...and if I do that successfully I'll be so happy!

Jessica said...

Your training looks great! We had Tornado watches/warnings all day yesterday, and I didn't get to the post office yesterday. Today is my late night, so it will be closed before I get off work. I will try to send it out on Wednesday :)

Anonymous said...

I'm right there with you on the strength training. I want to keep up with cardio so I can continue to lose, but I know I need to tone too. So I'm doing the Chalean Extreme program - I like a program all set out for me! And abs too, that's a huge one. I'm realizing just how much my weak abs hurt everything else!

Krista said...

I totally relate to almost everything in this post.

1. I also want to start doing more ab work because of that darn loose skin. So annoying.
2. I have the same bathing suit problem; the one I bought last year doesn't hold my ass or my boobs in anymore and no one needs to see that, but I hate spending money on a new one when I'm still losing. I'm holding off as long as possible.
3. Great job on the running! I don't have a specific running goal, but I do want to bike 500 miles (outside) this year. It sucks because I can't do it all year round because of Michigan weather, but I'm still gonna try!
4. I'm also training for my first 10K! (I think this is your first one also?) I don't have a specific training plan, but my race is just a couple weeks before yours :) Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog through SFC.

I've just started tracking my workouts thanks to the SFC - I'm doing detailed workout summaries for myself as a way to motivate me to actually go to the gym. I need to start tracking miles so that I can add them up at the end of the month - that'd be fun.

My goal by the end of this month is to have my 3x a week weight session a "normal" feeling thing and to not be quite as sore from it as I am now.

I need to find out if there are any races in my area to help me find the excitement of running again - of course, I'm coming off of a semi-injured knee, so I have to be careful.

I've read all through your archives and I have to say it - you amaze me. You may just be my hero right now.

Tim said...

I want to set some more fitness challenges for myself such as cycling, running etc. I know I have my walking challenge but I wouldn't mind pushing myself more now I am used to walking a lot.

I'd like to go swimming because I LOVE the water but I probably need a bit of a confidence boost to start that so maybe I will steal your idea and set myself some miles to aim for on the bike.

timothy said...

i'm working on my exercise goals as i'm doing a 5k in may for my bday (my 1st) sounds like you're makin great progress on yours. i need to make more specific goals. good luck and have a great week!

Unknown said...

Good luck hun! You are going to rock it!