April 19, 2011

Video: Updates

I finally did it!

A video blog!

Bear with me as I venture into this. I talk about my mom and brother being here. And, unsurprisingly, I ramble a bit. (I often hear from people I know that my writing sounds exactly like when I speak. So keep that in mind!)

It's about 10 minutes, and I won't be offended if you jump around in it (or skip it entirely). But I liked doing it, and I promise they won't be as long in the future - I was just nervous and a little excited about doing something new!

I apologize in advance if the chopstick is distracting...

What about you? Any advice on what to feed a picky little boy? Please send those kid-friendly recipes my way!


Katie Warren said...

I watched the whole thing. LOL. I am a sucker for these kinds of things. It's always so great to hear what other bloggers actually sound like. It's like we are getting to meet virtually. I am still working up the courage to do a video post!

Life as a Caterpillar said...

I haven't watched your vid yet Mary (I'm in work) but you look super cute!!

My daughter is around the same age as your bother, and she gave me some of her fave meals for you.

Spaghetti (her absolute fave)
wholemeal spaghetti (you can't taste the difference in thin pasta)
Tomato sauce
made by stir frying onion, courgette and peppers, adding canned tomatoes to the pan, and simmer for 20mins. Blend and add to pasta for a smooth, yet veggies filled sauce.
Optional meatballs
Fry 500lb mince (or veggie mince) in 1 tbspn oil, add onion and garlic and stir for 5 mins until browning
crush 8 crackers (wholemeal or plain) in a sandwich bag until they become crumbs. Add mince to a bowl, 1 teaspoon mustard, 1 egg, 1 teaspoon worchester sauce, mix in crackers and shape into 24 balls. Bake in medium oven for 30mins. Add to pasta, or serve with mashed potatoes and steamed veg

Butternut squash fries
The easiest thing to make and too too tasty!
slice 400g squash up thinly, place in sandwich bag, add 2 tbspns of olive oil, sprinkling of pepper, salt, and whatever spices you like (cumin, coriander) , shake well, then place on baking tray in medium oven for around an hour. If he really doesn't like seasoning, these bake up lovely with flavour even without spices (my kid loves them spicy!)

have fun

Amy said...

hahaa I love it! I hope you vlog more... but I think you likely will because it's addictive.

Anyways I don't have much to give you on kid advice... but I would play up kid friendly foods...

make your own baked chicken fingers... lightly bread them... and roast potatoes instead of fries...

a healthy pizza... maybe not the cauliflower one, but a homemade pizza is better than Dominos.

Healthy versions of food he is used to!

Justine said...

I'm gonna risk sounding like a creepy stalker fangirl but I adored your vlog. I would totally watch every day if you recorded them that often. You not only look cute, as Lesley mentioned, but sound so very friendly and nice as well. Honestly, loved it.

I have absolutely no experience with picky kids (or any other kind of kids, for that matter) but I gotta agree with Amy - junk food made healthy is the way to go IMO. Try a tortilla pizza, put his favorite toppings on it and he won't notice the difference. Or oven baked fries, or homemade frozen yoghurt instead of ice cream.

gracies tough journey said...

Wow you are an inspiration. I could never run that much. I am always in awe of people who can run. I walk and I dont ever see myself running due to my bad knee. But, it still is awesome when I see people who run. Kudos to you. You are such a cutie in this video. Keep up the great job. Take care and God Bless

Meghan said...

Great post! You are so pretty :) Good luck with finding your brother something to eat!

Krista said...

I love vlogs! 5.25 miles, damn girl! Nice job!!

Jessica said...

Loved your vlog! Maybe check the hungry girl website for some of her snacky type foods for him :)

marisol said...

I liked it and I hope to see more of them in the future.

Shannon said...

Great vlog!!! Can't wait to see more of them! Enjoy your time w/ you mom and brother!

Tim said...

I really enjoyed the video blog, Mary.

I could not take my eyes off the wand/chopstick!!! I'm so easily distracted haha

Enjoy your time with your family :)