April 25, 2011

SFC: Week Four

My positive picture for the week:

girl and the goat
Little brother and me, killing time while Mom shopped. I love this little kid more than anything.

What have you done this past week to help you achieve your goals?
(1) I lost two pounds this week, down to 212. Thirteen pounds to onederland!
(2) I skipped a few days during the week, and as of Saturday, I am committing to 30 days without the scale. This is going to be tough, but it's necessary. I want to divorce myself from my obsession with numbers and focus instead on how I feel and how my clothes fit.
(3) I logged 21 biked miles last week, for a challenge total of 61.5 miles. (28% of goal)
(4) I didn't make the full hour this week - I only did about 18 minutes, actually. My brother used it a lot, so I'm happy about that, but I didn't make my own goal. I wanted to finish out the hour Sunday after my family left, but in a ridiculous turn of events, my brother took BOTH my Wii remotes home with him. So until I get those back, the Wii is useless. I'm hoping I get them back sooner than the nearly five months it took for to return the nunchuck...
(5) I actually knocked out two items on my list this week! I completed #59 (Go out to lunch with my mom) and #64 (Send 25 postcards via Postcrossing). I treated my mom to a nice lunch last week, and my 25th postcard was sent off to Russia.

What did you do this past week to make you feel good about yourself?
Yesterday I went for a long run along the lakeshore paths. I didn't worry about distance or time - I just ran. And it was incredible ... exactly what I needed to feel good about myself again after a very hard week.

Fill in the blanks:

The ability to plan and organize comes naturally to me.

The ability to "just go with the flow" does not come naturally to me.

I wish the ability to gracefully adapt to change came naturally to me.

What is your favourite Easter candy? Are you allowing yourself some this year?
My favorite candy for any holiday (or non-holiday, really) is anything with peanut butter, and I have completely avoided Reese's eggs this year - a huge victory. I *did* have chocolate covered Peeps a couple of weeks ago - a dark chocolate one is 120 calories, not fatal, especially compared with peanut butter filled anything!


Tim said...

Love the pics with your brother!

I think its a sensible thing to stay away from the scale, especially with you approaching onederland. I can only imagine it'll drive you insane knowing whether you've passed it or not!

aschmalz83 said...

Congrats on your weight loss!

My answers to the fill in the blanks would be very similar! :)

Amy said...

That sucks your brother took your remotes! How does that even happen? I would be so upset!!

I have JUST heard of these Reese's eggs, and I love PB & Chocolate, my friend and I used to dip KitKats in PB (so good). I saw a commercial for these Reese's eggs on Saturday and nearly died. It's a good thing I don't know where I'd find one, because I definitely would have eaten one.

Denise said...

I found mini-reese eggs that each are 40 calories. For me it is candbury creme eggs but I can not eat a whole one anymore. I love the mini ones though! also only 40 calories each.

Anonymous said...

Love the photos!

I'm impressed you could avoid Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs!! I'm not that strong! They're my favorite Easter candy. During the year it's the cups, but I can resist those most of the time.

Here's my SFC Update

Shannon said...

Oh, I love those Reese's PB eggs!!! They are my favorite! I think, it's great that you are staying off the scale for a month - I may have to try that sometime. Congrats on your loss!

Carissa said...

That's a great inspirational picture! What a fun thing to do with a younger brother! Wow! you're doing really great on this challenge! Good luck this coming week!

Krista said...

Good luck with your scale-free 30 days! I don't think I could do that!

Oh, and I ran 4.0 miles outside yesterday, that made me feel pretty darn good :)

Jess said...

I can so feel the love in the pics of you and your bro! How awesome!!! WTG on biking 21 miles!!