March 16, 2011

Having fun

It was still sunny outside when I left the gym at 6:30 last night, which was really nice.

I booked my train and my hotel for my trip to St. Louis next Wednesday and Thursday - it was really kind of exhilarating to click the "purchase" button and take a giant adventurous leap! This weekend, I'll revise my itinerary from last summer to make sure the hours and prices of things are still good. The weather is supposed to be incredible - high 50s, low 60s and sunny! - and I'm just so incredibly excited.

Somewhat surprisingly, I don't really have too much else to say today. Work is very busy on account of trying to get things wrapped up before Spring Break, so I've been doing an awful lot of grading. My workouts have been great and I've been eating well, so I'm feeling really great and hoping for a good loss this Friday!

Here's a video that I totally love - it always makes me feel better and helps me kickstart myself when I find myself in a rut. I have the rules written out in French over my desk so I always keep them in mind!


Ann said...

How exciting for your upcoming trip! You're going to have a blast! :)

Justine said...

Thanks for reminding me how to have fun, this video made my day!

I'm a little bit jealous about your trip, I haven't left my town since last summer. Have fun, girl, you deserve it after such a hectic year <3