February 7, 2011

WWW: Week Six

My picture for the week:

domo arigato ♥
This picture never fails to put a smile on my face. All my friends from college and I were RAs together, and even though it was a stressful, miserable, low-paying job, we made it a lot of fun. This picture was from a mandatory team-building social function. The invitation said "dress to impress," so we all got 80s prom dresses and asked folks if they were impressed or not. It was ridiculous and totally fun.

What have you done this past week to help you achieve your goals?
(2) Yesterday's long run was unbelievably awesome. 3.75 miles in 45:33, which means an average pace of about 12:09. This was such a great run - I had been dreading going to the gym because the snow was making me feel a bit grouchy, but this run gave me an incredible runner's high. I felt unbelievably happy afterwards (and during, of course, but especially after!). It was totally what I needed.
(3) No jobs on the horizon, but I'm putting together a presentation for a conference in April that will look good on my CV - not to mention it will be a great opportunity for local networking!
(4) My students had a snow day on Wednesday, which I believe was the first in the history of the university. jetMOne of my students made a little photo project in French about himself as a snow angel and e-mailed it to me that night - I completely loved it. I was so proud - things like this make me feel like I do well at job; my students enjoy this material so much that they use it even when they don't have to, and they share it with me.
(5) My first postcard reached the Netherlands! This week I'm sending some to China, Finland, New Zealand, and Virginia (USA).
(7) My tax return got direct deposited Saturday morning - woo hoo! So far, I bought two sports bras, because I desperately needed them.
(8) I got hit with an urge to create this weekend. I went to the art store and got some Sculpey for a clay project to work on later this week, and then last night I started working on a painting based on one of my late-night Post-It notes. (I keep Post-Its by my bed for the random thoughts and ideas that wake me up in the middle of the night. It's a bit strange, but I love it.)
(9) I totally didn't do anything to make me feel gorgeous this week - I meant to go get my eyebrows waxed, but my Saturday errands ended up taking all day. This week, I'll do two!

New month! Fresh starts! How are you feeling in February?
I feel pretty good - I'm just hoping that the weather doesn't get to me too much. This weekend was tough because there's still so much plowing and shoveling that needs to be done, so getting around is difficult. I usually walk everywhere, but it's even tough with the CTA. A bus went right past me on Saturday as I was heading to the store, so I ended up walking - only about a mile and a quarter, but to get there you have to walk in the street since the sidewalks are buried, plus one part of the trek goes over several highway on- and off-ramps ... super scary when the weather is nice, but when the odds of slipping and falling are high? Terrifying. I survived, though!

Are you competitive? Do you find that seeing how well {or not so well} others do pushes you?
It depends. I'm a little competitive with games - not excessively, just enough to be fun. In terms of weight loss, though, I'm trying not to let my focus be on what everyone else is doing. I want everyone to succeed, and I can't let myself think less of my progress because someone else did something more or better or faster. I've been meaning to write a post about this for a couple weeks now: my tendency to compare myself and my successes/failures to others.

What is your favourite outdoor winter activity?
Sledding! I grew up right near a golf course, so if it snowed a decent amount, my dad would take my sisters and me over and we'd sled down all the big hills. I haven't been sledding in years, and would totally love to go again.

What would be your ideal way to spend a Saturday night?
My ideal Saturday would have some sort of awesome adventure with people I love. When I was in college, my friends and I would "nomad." We weren't partiers and we didn't drink, so basically, we'd roam around campus being crazy and taking pictures, or we'd drive around aimlessly and have ridiculous adventures and sing as loud as we could to really awful mixed CDs. Being young and carefree - it was the greatest time of my life.


Amy said...

My family (aunt and uncle) own a tubing hill back home. It's like a ski hill but for sledding - they have industry quality tubes and MASSIVE hills, a lift even takes you up the hills (or you can walk) and then you can hook together in groups or go down single. My dad used to own part of the business (it was actually his idea) and I used to work there in high school. It's SO much fun! I haven't gone in a couple years but I've been itching to go lately!

Jessica said...

ahh...young and carefree... miss that :)

TMLfans.ca said...

The sledding brings back so many memories. 10 or so years ago, I used to take my two kids sledding all the time. Now, I'd die going up the hill just once. ~sigh~

Anonymous said...

I love doing the very same thing on a Saturday! Except none of my friends are ever game to chuck their responsibilities for a day and just have fun... so it's usually just me driving around, taking pics and exploring.

Polar's Mom said...

Ok can you please translate that French for me? I SO want to be in on the joke!

Very interesting and fun answers-and yahoo for tax returns!!!

Polar's Mom

Unknown said...

Oh my, I love the prom dresses! I was actually at my prom in the 80's and I think my friend wore something identical to yours! lol Gotta love The Robot, too - you all were jammin'!!
You know what I'm going to say about your art projects: post them, please? Would love to see what you're up to in the creativity dept. these days :)

Karen said...

I'm a little competitive with games too! Okay, maybe a lot.

Tim said...

I love the picture with you all having so much fun! Looks like a top night!