February 28, 2011

WWW: Week Nine

But first! I wrote a guest post that you can read today over on Colleen's blog - talking about the "secrets" of losing over 100 pounds. Feel free to check it out, and I totally recommend following Colleen's blog. She's fun, strong, motivated, and incredibly supportive - and a must-follow if you're one of the 7-day-chip crew!

My picture for the week:

francy pants
I have two bedrooms in my apartment, so the smaller one I use as an office and library. It's so wonderful - all I need is a comfy chair in there and I'd never leave. This is one of my little areas of knick-knacks on top of a bookshelf. My garden gnomes, my little brass Eiffel Tower, and a perfect Little Prince toy I found at a thrift store that I can't wait to give to my first child someday. Also in this area: a ring, given to me by a boy I used to know - one whose name and story you haven't even heard yet (mercy me, but I have a lot of stories!). I used to wear this ring every single day, until it got too tight - long after the boy himself went away. Now:

i wonder if he remembers me
I can't wear it. Not that I would - that part of my life is long gone - but still. It just slides right off. Lovely NSV!

What have you done this past week to help you achieve your goals?
(2) My long run yesterday was 4.25 miles, and it took me 52:26 (about 12:20 per mile pace). I'm pleased, especially since I felt a little sluggish towards the end. I'm getting bored of my music, I think - any suggestions for good running tunes?
(3) Yesterday my co-worker and I got a rejection letter from the language symposium committee, so unfortunately we won't be presenting at the conference in April. I'm trying to see this as a singular, unique event and not foreshadowing of continued bad job-related news.
(4) I felt like my teaching was not up to par last week, mostly because I was sick. It was a good week, just not my best.
(5) I mailed five more Postcrossing postcards!
(8) I made a little collage, nothing fancy, but it felt good to create, and it has me wanting to make more stuff. Whatever I come up with this week, I will share next week!
(9) I got my eyebrows waxed! I desperately needed to.

Today's the last day of the month - how do you feel you've done in February?
This was an exceptionally challenging month, and I can look at it in a number of ways. I ran two miles in 24 minutes. My dad had a second heart attack. I binged for the first time in over six months. I ran my longest run ever - 4.25 miles. I "was not among those selected for presentation" at the symposium. I lost 11 pounds. So ... ups and downs. I'm ready for March and everything that I hope it brings: nicer weather, good news on all fronts, and continued success with healthy living.

What is your go-to favourite meal to cook? Share the recipe if possible!
Hmm ... this is a tough one. I love cooking, and I especially love trying new recipes and new ingredients. I'm not sure there's one recipe I cook more than others, though. I have seasonal favorites, I guess ... I love soups in winter, though by now I am getting sick of both winter and soup. I'm ready for spring and some well-made sandwiches!

Share a quote or saying that is inspiring you today.
I really love this quote by Mexican poet Rosario Castellanos: "I'd rather have a couple of scars than a memory like an empty hope chest." I have it written out on a Post-It note on my bathroom mirror as part of my non-scale goal to go out and live life no matter what I weigh. Another quote that I love is one from Maude - she left a great comment on one of my posts a few weeks ago and at the end she said "I'm so excited for you. You're standing on the edge of great things - the next few years are going to be amazing. I know it! " Standing on the edge of great things - I completely love it. A visual representation of that idea has been running around in my mind like crazy lately. I might need to paint it.

What's your make-up routine? Wear any? Lots? Do you have a must-have?
I never used to wear makeup at all, but now that I'm starting to care about what I look like when I leave the house, I've started wearing a little black eyeliner. It seems silly and simple, but it makes me feel pretty and confident, so I'm all for it. Small brag, I guess: I never wear mascara because my eyelashes have always been really long and full. When I was a kid, total strangers would compliment me on them. Weird! I would never say that to a kid, especially one I didn't know.


Unknown said...

Considering you had a pretty stressful month in my opinion, I think you did beautifully; and that binge? It didn't ruin you, your hard work or where you are right now.
Loving the revolving pics of yourself, btw. More lovely each time :)

Ann said...

Both jay and I are having the same problem - our wedding rings are TOO big. His has fallen off SO many times - in the parking lot, in a urinal..... Lol!!

Colleen said...

What an awesome NSV. And thank you again so much for guest posting on my blog! It's a fabulous post!!

Goodbye, Fat Girl!
Fun Beyond Driven Chatter

Jen said...

That quote is oh so true!! And the '100 secrets to her weight loss'... I so have to read that right NOW!! ;-)

Happy Monday Dear! xo

Oh, and pop by & enter my PERFUME GIVEAWAY today!

Amy said...

Your guest post is amazing!! You always accomplish so much in a week! It's amazing!

Your tweet yesterday about sandwiches made me want one... and now I really want one!

I have pretty long eyelashes too - so I just make them look longer and fuller with mascara, plus I think the black eyelashes make my eyes pop more! I think make-up is such a great thing, because it allows us to be versatile, and feel beautiful. Obviously we don't need it... but I think it's a wonderful thing that we can do for ourselves to make us feel good!

Anonymous said...

That's a great run! Are you fueling before you go out? I was never big on doing that or even fueling halfway through long runs (like 8+ miles when I was doing half-marathon training), but I recently started and it makes a big difference in my energy levels at the end! If it's music you're after though, my iPod is full of stuff from my college years, so I run with Justin Timberlake, Maroon 5, Josh Groban (strangely enough) and Fergie. They keep me going.

Jessica said...

I think overall you have had an amazing month! Heading to read your guest post now :)

Anonymous said...

Wow your run stats are great! Really inspiring. I love putting things on that I haven't worn in a long time to find that they are beautifully too big. It's a great feeling :)