February 23, 2011


I went to work yesterday feeling incredibly light. I think getting my thoughts about Richard off my chest helped a lot - I've been thinking of and meaning to write about him since before everything happened with my dad - but also, it was going to be just one of those good days. I could feel it. I had an all Frank Sinatra playlist on my iPod, the weather was cold but not snowy or windy ... it was just perfect.

Teaching went well, and my office hours were fine. Then, I was giving a makeup exam, and as I went to read the listening part, I realized my nose was completely stuffed. My head suddenly felt very heavy with sinus pressure. My whole body ached a little. Yuck. Not good. Not good at all.

I still went to the gym, but figured I'd flip Tuesday-Thursday with Wednesday-Friday and I just biked for about fifteen miles. I just didn't think I could have a satisfying run - and I didn't want my nose to suddenly unstuff while I was running, which it tends to do. Double yuck.
Unrelated tangent: in French, the expression for "to have a runny nose" is "avoir le nez qui coule." [ah-vwar le nay key cool] The verb "couler" is the same verb they use for running water, which I think makes it one of the grossest expressions in an otherwise lovely language - I start to picture a faucet, then get super grossed out.

I also don't like that the word for a scab is the same word as for a pie crust, but that's even more unrelated than the runny nose. Medical terms are not my favorites, I guess.
I very rarely get sick - once a year at the very most - but when I do, it completely knocks me out. It always tends to happen once a very stressful time passes - the last time was right after I finished grad school, and now that things are settling with my dad and I don't feel too worried, a whole mess of germs have decided to manifest themselves and make sure I always have something to be concerned about.

I'm hoping I feel well enough to run tonight. I know it's not fatal if I need to skip a day or two and just sleep, take some vitamins, and drink some tea. But I'd still like to stay as active as I can as long as I'm not risking my health further.

So, I'm wondering: what about you? Do you avoid the gym when you're sick, or do you still work out? If so, do you modify your workout? Any advice is appreciated - this is my first time dealing with this as an active person, and the idea of staying on the couch for a few days is conflicting. I feel lousy and know rest may be best, but at the same time, I'd like to be doing whatever I can.


Ann said...

I usually give it a few days, and then slowly go back. I have been known to blow my nose while running on the treadmil. Lol.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I hope you don't get it bad like I have had it. I haven't been able to exercise at all in over a week. At the beginning of my illness (which hit the day after Valentine's Day), I had lofty hopes that it would be short-lived and I wouldn't get too far behind on my training plan. I was training for a half-marathon in April, and the plan was tight. No room for slip-ups. Well, that's out the window. Now, 9 days later, I have only been able to manage two short walks. And then the sickness sort of shifted to a horrific sinus infection and I haven't even been able to contemplate walking for the past two days. So I am feeling like jello, and just 10 days ago I felt so strong! I am feeling a tiny bit better today, so I am trying to readjust my mindset. I hope you just have a short-lived cold!

Tim said...

When I get ill, I am usually out of it for a few days so I tend to avoid the gym, not only because my energy levels are low but also I doubt other people would want my germs especially if I am touching various gym equipment or coughing/sneezing a lot.

You could always try going out for walks. That way you get exercise and the fresh air will do you good.

Anonymous said...

The word "scab" is just gross in any language!

I'm sorry you're sick. I usually avoid the workout if my nose is running and I'm coughing too much, especially if it's made worse with physical activity. You also want to get well as fast as possible so taking it easy is usually wise. But sometimes it hard to take days off. I know, I just took most of February off because I was sick. But I'm glad I did because had I pushed it, I might have prolonged the illness. Listen to your body first and foremost.

Amy said...

I avoid the gym because I want other people who are sick to have the same courtesy.... I don't want to get sick while I'm at the gym.

It's best to let your body recover!!

If you feel well enough to workout I would do a lighter version at home.

Amy said...

p.s. Hope you feel better sooN! :)